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Automate your LinkedIn connections with ease

You have worked hard for the last few months finding new leads, growing your business and building connections on LinkedIn. You have started to make good progress with your B2B sales and making a name for yourself. But now that you are making all of this progress you are getting busier and busier and find less time to keep up with all of your connections and worst still, you have less time to send out your newest campaigns to all of your connections.

So what should do about it? You can either send individual messages to each and every one of your connections, spending a huge amount of time doing it, or you could work smarter and faster with LinkedIn automation tools.

What are LinkedIn automation tools and what do they do?

LinkedIn automation tools are software that helps to emulate your LinkedIn behaviour and helps you to free up your time by completing activities and interacting with your connections so you have more time for your business.

LinkedIn automation tools can help you to run multiple campaigns at once, send bulk messages, A/B test, collect data and analyse that data.

Bulk messages to your connections can help you to get the most from your time by automatically sending what you want to say in your multiple campaigns to everyone who needs to see it.

With certain tools you can gather data from your interactions and analyse to see where you can improve and see what is working with your connections. What helps you to sell.

Automated A/B testing can compare what version of your campaign your prospects interact with the most positively. Test your variants against your control and use your expertise to adapt to what works best for your business.

What benefits are there to LinkedIn automation tools?

Simply, they speed everything up for you. They free up your time and make your life on LinkedIn a lot easier. LinkedIn automation tools can also help you to stay connected with your LinkedIn connections with ease.

With automation tools you can benefit from fast and easy data gathering and analysis which saves you the effort of doing it and gives you the best and most efficient ways to adapt your business to suit your B2B sales and client’s needs.

You can also get access to the best talent on LinkedIn. Using automation tools can allow you to search not only LinkedIn but other platforms for the best fits for your business, whether this be partners, customers or your future employees.

One of the biggest benefits you get from Linkedin message automation tool is that you can send messages and follow-up messages to your connections automatically. Many of these tools use messaging sequencing to send personal messages and follow-ups to everyone you want to see your campaign. You can make all of your messages personal resulting in a better connection with the people you speak to and do business with. Depending on the automation tool you use, you can even make your messages even more personal by adding images and GIFs to emulate your behavior.

With all of these pros to LinkedIn automation tools, you can spend more time focussing on your clients, with the people make your business what it is and what you do best. Running your successful business.

So we know all the great things these tools can help you with but now we need to find out what the best ones are for you and what the best automation tools for automation with your LinkedIn connections are.

So read on and find out about our top 7 LinkedIn automation tools.

The 7 best LinkedIn automation tools

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Our top pick is Closely. A brilliant tool that helps you to automate your LinkedIn interactions with ease. Whether you want to set up multiple campaigns for your connections at once or you want to send a bulk email and connect with hundreds of potential leads at once, Closely is the LinkedIn automation tool for you.

It is great for helping you with automating profile views, automate Linkedin connections, multi-messaging sequences and follow-up messages on Sales Navigator and LinkedIn.

You can personalise your messages to suit your needs and send automatic follow up messages when you want it to happen. Keeping your connections in the loop and generating new B2B sales leads without minimal effort from yourself.

With Closely’s clever message sequencing you can save time with personalised messages and bulk messaging, meaning you have more time to focus on your clients, your business and securing your B2B sales.

Along with this, Closely also offers you the opportunity to A/B test your campaigns and analyse the data that this handy automation tool will gather for you with extreme ease. If you are looking to automate your LinkedIn and get the most from it then using Closely is the best LinkedIn automation tool for you and your business.



Lempod is a good automation tool if you are looking to boost your profile views and find new leads automatically. To boost your profile views fast, you can buy LinkedIn views on The Small Business Blog.

It scrapes LinkedIn and other sources to provide you with leads that work for you and your business. Lempod sends the initial messages and any follow-ups that may be required, leaving you with the time to focus on other things.

One draw-back we found though is that it could be clearer how to use the engagement pod without having to hunt around online for ‘how to’ videos. It can be a little tricky before you get the hang of it.



This is a great automation tool for finding leads with access to thousands of clients, businesses and connections from across LinkedIn. This is a great tool to build your network and find potential leads from all over LinkedIn.

Using the latest AI technology, you can scrape data and interact with thousands of people. Our best impression of LeadFuze is that it is very simple to use and very effective. The downside we found was that because the database it uses is so vast, some of the data is outdated or inaccurate.



Zopto is your cloud-based social-selling solution. You can use Zopto alongside and Twitter, LinkedIn Premium and recruiter accounts.

Email enrichment helps you automatically find business emails and verify them. You can also schedule posts and gather data such as lists of LinkedIn members.

With Zopto though you don’t get email automation and it only offers a slow drip campaign feature and won’t give you detailed and longer campaign options like you would with the likes of Closely.



If you are looking to find new leads, prospecting, territory plan and use targeted lead generation then ZoomInfo would be a safe option for you and your business.

ZoomInfo has access to a huge database of connections on LinkedIn and you can take advantage of the millions of business emails that can be accessed automatically. The thing that left us wanting is the fact that when you want to import data from ZoomInfo to your CRM there is a bit of manual work you have to do.

To export Excel data and create custom fields you will have to spend time doing it yourself. Also, if you want to synchronize data with your CRM you will have to spend extra credits which can become a little spendy.



PhantomBuster is a great add on for your outreach tools and enables you to scrape data and save it in CSV file and JSON formats, meaning that you can upload to each of your multiple campaigns and use it to your advantage when looking to connect with multiple connections and multiple businesses across your LinkedIn network.

The slight disadvantage to PhantomBuster is that it is not a fully integrated and though you can access many email addresses and profiles, you could end up with a lot of bounce backs from fake emails. So be careful with that.

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