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Automating Business Processes – A Complete Guide

Business Process Automation (BPA), often known as business automation, is the use of digital technology to automate the mundane, time-consuming operations that make up complicated business processes to simplify them.

In other words, it frees up your team members to do more meaningful work instead of wasting their time and energy on mundane duties.

Furthermore, business automation makes it easy to document and manage your team’s procedures, ensuring everyone does what they’re meant to be doing and all processes run smoothly.

Automating Business Processes – A Complete Guide

The size and nature of automated business processes might vary. Marketing, sales, workflows, customer support, human resources, and other processes can all be automated (individually or in combination).

Automation is a continuous process that can be tweaked and modified to fit your business’s needs, allowing it to be used across many departments and activities. Bailey assists businesses in automating processes, freeing up their staff to innovate, dazzle customers, and expand the company.

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What are the benefits of automating business processes?

Here are a few convincing reasons why you should automate your business procedures.

  • A stepping stone in the direction of digital transformation

To firms that aren’t on the path to digital transformation, it can appear to be a high, intimidating ambition. Business process automation can serve as a stepping stone toward a continuous transformation culture.

You can begin with a few processes that need improvement and work your way up.

  • Obtain greater clarity

At the design stage, automation necessitates a certain level of process clarity. You can’t design and automate a workflow successfully unless you know the tasks involved and who is accountable for operating it.

Process mapping can also function as a training resource and provide clarity to all personnel. The information you obtain from studying an automated process can clearly show you the difference between your current process and what it should be.

  • Streamline your processes

One of the most beneficial effects of process automation is that it streamlines the processes. Clear responsibility, customizable notifications, actionable insights, and faster return times make it easier to cut out inefficient jobs and focus on improving the ones that provide value.

  • Customer satisfaction should increase

In any sector, customer happiness is a vital difference. You may easily exceed customer expectations by focusing on process and operational excellence. Customers are more likely to develop a preference for your firm if you consistently fulfill the promised criteria.

Are Your Business Processes Automatable?

Automation of business processes sounds amazing, and it is! We’re sure you’re thinking about automating your business procedures.

Examine your processes and tasks to evaluate if you’re wasting precious human resources on procedures or tasks that could be automated right now.

  • Automated Sales

Lead creation is one of the most crucial components of sales. Every year, organizations lose at least $1 trillion due to lost sales productivity and poorly managed leads.

Sales associates can focus on persuasive methods handed out to them with the use of automation, especially in studying consumer behavior, likes, and dislikes, which will boost the rate of customer conversion during the customer onboarding process.

  • Software for Automated Documentation

These applications are full-featured enterprise content management systems that import, export, and log all business-related files and data. Consider them a library for your files — but one that is modern, user-friendly, and hyper-accessible to all of your staff with just a few clicks.

Most automated documentation software is also platform-neutral, meaning it will work with your existing filing system and won’t create any downtime.

  • Smart Forms

Smart forms are a simple and modern option for creating and managing company documentation. You may produce customizable documents in a variety of forms, including digital and print, and store them directly into your content management system (CMS).

You can also use ICR and OCR technology to link to form-generated data so that it is automatically loaded into system logs or applications.

Business Processes Can Be Automated Various Ways

Now that you understand what business process automation is and how it may help you increase productivity, we’ll show you seven practical ways to put it into practice right away.

1. Automation of internal business processes

  • Have your IT department create a custom-designed solution to automate business operations by tying all of your tasks and users together with if-then logic, push alerts, and other techniques. However, this is the equivalent of reinventing the wheel. It’s expensive and time-consuming because your IT crew will have to learn new automation abilities and respond to each request and issue from your users and workers directly.
  • Examine your procedures and identify jobs that can be repeated. You can eliminate work that is being done by more than one employee by doing it this way. At the same time, you can allocate the assignment to a specific person or team, or you can combine different applications. This will increase productivity while reducing time spent on unnecessary chores.
  • Using your trusted personnel, define all of your business process workflows. Then, draw a diagram of your business To accomplish this, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel or other special applications. Although BP mapping is effective for automating cross-departmental activities, it can be time-consuming due to the several parties involved.
  • Integrate your knowledge base with your business processes. This kind of system integration not only makes it easier for support technicians to obtain information for customer service, but it also makes it easier for employees from other sections because they will have access to a knowledge database that includes all of the company’s tasks, processes, and models.

2. Automation of External Business Processes

  • The simplest and most successful way to automate processes is to use business process management software. BPM software provides a digitally mapped architecture for all of the business’s processes. You can use either legacy software (enterprise-scale software that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars) or cloud-based software for business process management (SaaS which you pay per user on a monthly subscription).
  • Depending on the size of your firm and needs, you can choose between the two. We advocate cloud-based software for small businesses because it allows you to reap all of the benefits of business process automation without having to perform any work yourself. On the other hand, using legacy software to outsource BPA would necessitate hiring experienced specialists to program the business processes for you.
  • Artificial intelligence is another technique to automate company procedures from the outside. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to automate commercial operations that collect a lot of data over time. If you’ve ever read about artificial intelligence, you’re surely aware that training your learning models necessitates a large amount of data. This type of automation is difficult to adopt and generally requires hiring in-house IT staff to create a solution specifically fitted to your procedures.

Unfortunately, when it comes to developing a machine learning model, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution because the processes for every business will have distinct characteristics, different forms of data, and thus distinct variables. Artificial Intelligence in business process automation can assist your staff in making better judgments by automating low-level, routine decisions, allowing them to see your process at a higher level of abstraction. It’s particularly effective in sectors like customer service and sales and marketing.

Final thoughts

As you can see, business process automation may be used in many ways in your company. Streamlined digital systems eliminate manual processing in favor of sleek, error-free processes, from inventory management to employee onboarding.

Bailey offers a comprehensive solution that is both reasonable and simple to use if you want to reduce the costs of clumsy manual processing and improve your business procedures.


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