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3 Optimization Tricks to Get the Most of Your Autoresponder Marketing Campaigns

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So you’ve tried a few various landing page methods, created a terrific lead magnet, and are gathering emails like a pro, but what are you going to do with them now that they’ve made your list?

3 Optimization Tricks to Get the Most of Your Autoresponder Marketing Campaigns

What happens after they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, and how can you keep them interested? Well, one trick many marketers are using is adopting an autoresponder, but like all things in life, an autoresponder only works well if you’ve set it up and optimized it for success.

We’re going to explore three tricks on how to do just this.

1. Test Best Times to Send Your Emails

While you could Google when the best times are to send an email (so you can figure out the best opening times, keep in mind that any data you read is based on general patterns and is not industry-specific.

While it’s true that “more people open email during the day than at night,” if you’re a company whose clients are known for staying up late (such programmers, freelancers, college students, and so on), broad trend data like this is irrelevant.

The real trick to ensuring sure your autoresponder is sent at the “best” times is to keep an eye on your own statistics and alter your send times accordingly.

Make a point of looking for this report in all of your major email platforms, including GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

2. Revisit Your Subject Lines

As detailed by Bullpreneur, examine the current auto-responder campaign you’re using. Are you noticing a pattern of poor open rates in particular messages?

The unfortunate reality is that if your subscriber doesn’t open one of your messages, the chances of them not opening the next are increased.

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To combat this, construct “re-broadcast” segments for each auto-responder message whose open rate you’d like to boost, and test different subject lines on subscribers who never opened the first time.

The best way to address this is to split test fresh subject lines after you’ve finished the “re-broadcast” segment.

The one with the highest open rate goes into your auto-responder. Use current headline templates to try out different styles or just convey what you’re thinking.

3. Experiment with your CTAs

call to action

You can learn which messages aren’t getting many hits by diving deeper into your email stats.

If you’re having trouble getting people to open or click on particular messages, add the “Links Not Clicked” field to the “re-broadcast” segment you established before.

No one has opened the message, and no one has clicked on the link.

You can test modifying your calls to action now that you’ve identified your low-performing auto-responder messages.

Experiment with how your connections are presented. Make them into photos, experiment with font sizes, try out new colors and layouts, add or remove links, and so on.

According to MailChimp’s research, email spammers have greater click-through rates, which might help you strengthen your calls to action.


If you’re getting enough leads and sales, right now is the best time to test (not when things are about to fall apart) because at least you have something to go back to if your tests don’t work. Don’t just settle because things are going ‘okay’. Keep pushing for better.

It’s always highly recommended to keep revisiting your autoresponders to make sure they’re working to their full potential and you’re getting the most out of them at all times. Don’t just set them up and forget about them.


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