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The One And Only Guide That Makes Avoiding PPC Click Fraud Simple

According to recent reports, display advertising incurs the greatest amount of PPC click fraud. As many as 36% of clicks are fraudulent.

This is disturbing for a small business owner who has limited funds to spend on advertising. They need all their budgets to go to legitimate leads.

What can you do to create a successful PPC ad campaign and avoid PPC click fraud? You are about to learn some superb tips that ensure your budget is going where it should, so you can build more sales.

Time is money, so let’s get to the solutions right now.

Enable IP Exclusions

Before you set this up, you must review some data and find IP addresses that are clearly PPC click fraud. Marketing analytics and marketing KPIs can help you find fraudulent IP addresses.

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Then, you can go to your Google Ad account and block them. When you add the fraudulent IP addresses, your PPC ads will no longer show to these IP addresses.

The way to enable this method is to go to your Google Ads account and click on the settings tab. Choose “IP exclusions.”

This is an excellent tactic, but it won’t eliminate all fraudulent clicks. Let’s move on to the next suggestion you can use.

How To Run Display Ads

The reason that display ads are more prone to fraudulent clicks is that it adds an element, which is publisher click fraud. With search ads, you do not have this challenge.

Remember that you are in control of your display ads, so focus on retargeting. Retargeting ads are better because they only show to someone who has visited your website previously.

Since a publisher cannot see your ad, they cannot click on it.

Home In On Your Target

Your PPC ads will be more successful when you take a more targeted approach, which also lessens PPC click fraud. Click farms give you the opportunity to choose locations, for example. You can reduce risk by reviewing countries and languages that may not be a part of your buyer persona.

You want your budget to be allocated toward people who will take the customer journey and purchase from you. Again, thoroughly review your marketing analytics and marketing KPIs to see if there are specific geographical locations where your PPC ads perform better than other locations.

Using negative keywords can also help you take a more targeted approach. There is a guide to using negative keywords in this post that we highly recommend.

Include Social Media Ads

Since these PPC ads are not based much on keywords, it is more difficult for a fraudster to locate your ad by using keywords.

Plus, social media platforms have details on their users, which can help you take a more targeted approach as to who can see them. You could get a better ROI, and you can certainly eliminate click fraud from publishers.

Click Fraud Protection Software

There are providers that could help you, and their cost is minimal. What they can do is monitor and detect fraud, thus quarantining them.

Whether you take this approach should depend on how many PPC ads you are running and how much PPC click fraud you are experiencing. If you choose to use software, your marketing analytics will show the positive results you get in your data.

Prevent PPC Click Fraud

It takes a lot of ingenuity and innovative marketing tactics to convert and build sales in digital marketing. PPC click fraud can do great harm to an excellent PPC ad campaign. If you follow the advice in this article, you can save money and increase profits.

For more money-saving, lead-generating, stop the madness type information to help your company grow and thrive, don’t leave us just yet! We have plenty of articles like this one. Keep clicking to learn more!

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