Axis Drones; Smaller, Innovative & Budget Drones for Beginners

Drones have already changed the world as we see it, i.e. from changing journalism to fast food & medicine delivery, from sheep herding to tour guides they have already proved themselves.

Despite the controversial military use of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the peaceful commercial use is on rise and there are too many ways they’re going to make our lives better.

With the rise in demand, manufacturers are trying to bring the best products in the market and so the innovation is a must. One such innovation is AERIUS, a drone measuring just 3cm x 3cm x 2cm. This is the world’s smallest Quadcopter and will be available in October this year, however, the pre-orders are being taken now for $35 only!

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AERIUS is the product of Axis Drones and they have a lot more for drone lovers, i.e. Axis Nano Drone for Beginners™, Axis TURBO-X™ Drone and The Wallet Drone™.

Something more special about Axis Drones is that they are under $50. So all the drone enthusiasts who don’t have an expertise yet, can fly on budget.

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Axis Drones in Their Own Words:

Axis Drones has designed a line of small, beginner and budget friendly remote controlled quadcopters (drones) for indoor/outdoor practice and fun. Search for “epic drone crashes” on YouTube, these are the people who could’ve saved thousands of dollars by learning the full mechanics of quadcopter flight, indoors, safely and for under $50 before they move on to larger, more expensive aerial equipment. Learn to fly for less.

What Brings Axis Drones to the Spotlight:

Low cost and innovative design for perfect drone flying practice.

Axis Drones Website: