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How To Optimize Your B2B Website For Lead Generation and Sales

The Internet has changed the way many businesses operate. Not only are goods and services more readily available at the touch of a button but there is also more competition than ever before.

Having a website that helps your B2B business generate leads has never been more essential. But there is more to having a website than just hosting it and letting it run. Here are some ways you can optimize your B2B website to boost your lead generation and close more sales.

Take Your Buyer on a Journey

The buyer’s journey is a marketing process that starts with a buyer landing on your website and hopefully ends with you making a sale. Along the way, you will need to show them what issues they have that you can help them solve (awareness).

You also need to explain what the solution is (consideration) and why you are the best equipped to solve their problem. If you are successful, they will push the trigger on the final purchase (decision), converting your hard work into revenue.

Make Yourself an Authority in Your Niche

The first step on the buyer’s journey is awareness, so you need to become the expert that your client trusts to get the work done. You can do this by creating high-quality content for your website and the industry you operate in. You should also consider posting on other websites that your potential clients may visit.

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For example, an expert in commercial and industrial adhesives could submit blog posts and informative articles to websites that see a lot of traffic from clients in building or renovations to increase their online reputation. These kinds of posts are valuable for both the awareness and consideration phase of the buyer’s journey.

Create Personalized CTAs

The last step in the buyer’s journey is deciding to become a customer. To help them decide, your website should include personalized calls to action (CTAs). This personal touch should make them feel like you are focused on their individual needs rather than just closing a deal. Include personalized CTAs for your blog posts and information pages that tell users how they can apply the solution you just explained to solve their unique problem.

Prioritize User Experience

Did you know that the average user will only spend 54 seconds on a website before moving on? That means that you have to get your message across with as few clicks, and lengthy loading times, as possible. You don’t want them to spend 30 of those seconds loading your page and getting bored. Once your website has loaded in, easily scannable content should tell them exactly where to go to get the information they need.

Your Layout Can Make or Break Your Website

Your website should have the right content laid out in such a way that you can guide them along the buyer’s path without losing their interest. The key to making this journey successful is to provide your potential customer with enough confidence in your ability that they will trust you with their money. Time to bring in the expert.

Make The Customer Feel Like Royalty

Live chat services on websites are becoming extremely popular, and for good reason. Not only does it make it easier for visitors to get the information they need right away, but they also get to speak to a real human who can answer any questions they have. These interactions also open your sales reps up for cross-sell and upsell opportunities, meaning more chances for conversions.

Businesses face a lot of challenges in the digital age. To overcome these hurdles, businesses must leverage all the tools at their disposal to reach new audiences and convert them into paying clients. By putting some time and effort into your website, you can increase your pipeline and help ensure success for your business.

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