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5 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

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So, you’ve discovered the power of backlinks. Building links can benefit your SEO and drive traffic to your site in ways that organic searches might not.

Where to Get Quality Backlinks to Improve Google Rankings

After all, you’re a newcomer in a specific niche who’s trying to build an online presence from scratch. But as the new kid on the block who has no idea how to get backlinks, where do you begin?

What Are Backlinks?

You’ve probably read articles online where the author has embedded links to an external source that adds supporting data to the author’s claim. The hyperlinks that redirect the reader to an external source are backlinks.

There are different types of links that webmasters need to be aware of, but in essence, what matters the most is backlink quality, or rather, a link from a high domain authority website that both search engines (AI) and searchers (humans) can trust. You’ll typically find high authority domains at the top of SERP.

How Many Backlinks Do I Need?

We wish Google provided a concrete figure concerning how many backlinks one needs to reach the number-one spot, but alas, that’s not the case. As a startup business, establishing an online presence is going to be a challenge.

Matthew Barby conducted a study that found that not only do backlinks matter, but websites also require around 100,000 backlinks to rank number one in Google.

However, explains that quality backlinks matter even more. So, all things considered, web admins should focus primarily on how to get high-quality backlinks rather than begging thousands of unknown bloggers to post a link to your content.

5 Ways on How to Get Quality Backlinks

It can be tempting for new business owners to take advantage of the promising effects that black-hat SEO practices can offer, but we promise that trying to keep under a search engine’s radar will mean more trouble than it’s worth.

Instead, we recommend focusing on these five approaches to get quality backlinks that are both safe and are proven to benefit your SEO.

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1. Establish and leverage relationships

Is as typical in traditional ways of doing business, building relationships with fellow online users can also be beneficial to your website. In fact, you’ll find that most approaches on how to get more backlinks require you to reach out to others.

You can do this simply by posting on social media. It’s a back-breaking endeavor that doesn’t promise immediate results, but you’re putting yourself on the path to success.

As you become more well-known in your niche, you can take your marketing efforts a step further by reaching out to popular bloggers, conducting interviews with them, and posting it on your website, which they will most likely create a backlink to.

2. Create competitive, meaningful content

Creating competitive, meaningful content—content that readers will actually want to read—is the heart of getting SEO backlinks.

Content that’s too generic, too fluffed-up, and overly simplistic will not leave long-lasting impressions on your readers, and fellow webmasters would avoid sending links to sites that they feel don’t add any value.

3. Conduct an original study

An original study is another proven way of inspiring others to backlink to your website. They’ll only have one place to reference an original idea—yours—which can ultimately increase your SEO backlink count.

Don’t worry about conducting lengthy studies and publishing your work in a reputable scientific journal. All you need is a Gmail account and to familiarize yourself with Google Forms. Even simple “What do you think about” poll studies can provide you with unique, meaningful data that others can reference.

4. Buy quality backlinks

If you’re thinking, “Isn’t buying backlinks one of those black-hat SEO practices that go against Google’s TOS?” If you are, it’s good that you’re thinking! However, search engines, even Google, can have a difficult time distinguishing backlinks for pay and legitimate, natural backlinks.

And this is where professional backlink service providers come into play. If you’re looking for a trusted backlink service provider that keeps your data on the down-low while also not foolishly publishing with whom they collaborate, try here.

5. Link externally, then ask for favors

One might say that in order to get backlinks, you’ll have to initiate the backlinking relationship. Trust us when we say that high domain authority websites are always in the loop regarding who has referenced their work and when.

If you’ve done the work and provided high domain authority websites with numerous backlinks, you’re fully entitled to reach out and ask them to reference some of your work.

Closing Remarks

To recap, here are five simple ways startup businesses can get backlinks and build an online presence. Most of these strategies require the webmaster or digital marketer to build networks with established figures, which is someone the new kid on the block should be doing anyway.

At least now, you know where to focus your marketing efforts to build SEO backlinks that increase your website’s value and ranking.


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