Barking; a Cost & Time Saving Marketplace for Drivers & Merchants

Cities are growing big every day with new wave of people flooding to live, work and play in there. Cars are increasing with the people, and parking has becomes one of the massive headaches for city planners as well as drivers.

Though, the off-street parking tries to meet the challenge, but being very costly, it doesn’t actually solve the problem. While the city planners are working on developing long term strategies, Barking has developed a timely solution to tackle the issue immediately.

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Barking is peer-2-peer parking service provider that connects drivers with anyone who has a space going spare, even for just couple of hours per day. Let it be a be a parking lot behind a theater, office building or condominium, using the Barking platform you can browse, reserve and pay for a space that suits you hassle-free.

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Thousands of parking spots in cities remain idle, while thousands of drivers waste hours in search for a parking space. Barking platform bridges the communication gap between the two and let’s drivers find cost and time effective parking.

To get rid of parking headache, all you need is Barking app which is available on Android as well as iOS. However, for now, the service is available in Tallinn, Estonia only.

The same app allows people with free parking space to earn extra money by renting out their parking space.

Barking serves a big market and it can acquire a big share efficiently; as it solves the key problem of drivers in any big city!

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Barking in Their Own Words:

The universal IoT platform enables the following services to all Drivers through a simple app:

1) Access exclusive gated carparks (Sharing-economy model)

2) Pay-by-mobile at automated carwashes

3) Order a Valet service where needed etc.


What Brings Barking to the Spotlight:

Reducing friction and pain of finding parking in a big city!


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