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Basics of Building High Quality Backlinks to a Startup Website

Be it startup founders, their managers or digital marketers, they are all on the lookout for better and more profitable ways of building backlinks for their startup website. For most search engines, including Google, “backlinks” are among the most important factors influencing the ranking of websites.

One of the supreme means of fostering increased organic traffic, these backlinks are important for bringing in direct traffic and enticing perspective clients to your business website. However, as the increase in traffic is related to the quality of backlinks to your website, and the authoritative website links incorporated therein, it is essential to invest in the best SEO and backlink providers. The guidelines mentioned below will help you increase and keep a watchful eye on the overall Google rankings that you get to your credit.

Why are backlinks considered to be important SEO metrics?

In the process of crawling the web, search engines like Google particularly focus on the backlinks associated with the website being searched for by users. The act is performed to understand how various pages are linked to each other in different ways. As backlinks are known to be the most important SEO metric that can be included for increased search ability, it is a good idea to earn or build backlinks, especially from authoritative websites, for linking up your business website.

Broken-link building

This method is effective for building one-way backlinks. It does so by contacting webmasters for reporting broken links on their websites. To leverage the benefit of this method, find relevant websites with resource pages, search for broken links on the downloaded pages by installing the Google Chrome plugin named Check my Links, and convey the exact location/links to the webmasters in a friendly way. If you are lucky, you may get permission to get backlinks for your website.

Backlinks via infographics

Infographics bring traffic to your site and permit you to gain valuable backlinks. Easy to understand because they support visual data, infographics can be published in popular online publications. This link building strategy from SEOJet can help you gain the traffic and mileage you need for your website.

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Additionally, you may want to invest in guest blogging to tap into the new audience. Publish SEO keyword enriched articles to win more exposure and place your products/services in front of your readers and do explore the ways to increase traffic other than SEO.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.