Basics of Communicating Better with Luxury Travelers in The Middle East

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To communicate better with anyone around you must know the person, so you can actually make them understand your point. The same rule applies to Sales & Marketing.

If you are selling a luxury brand in the Middle East, you must know that the Middle Eastern customer is different to European and American customers! The Middle Eastern customer is more brand conscious and brand loyal, which is a bonus to well-established brands, but this makes it harder for new brands (or new brands to the Middle East region) to penetrate the market.


PR, of course, helps significantly to launch a new brand and provides a platform to tell the story of the brand, which will form the basis of brand recognition and will start to build loyalty for the new brand. But, you can not just rely on PR. You must have a Communication Strategy!

Well, a strategy cannot be documented as ‘general rules’ to do this and to do that. Your strategy will entirely depend upon features of your brand, your target market, and your goals, i.e. what you want to achieve in how much time. What we can generalize is to identify the forms of communication that work best for luxury travelers in the Middle East!

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Let’s be specific to hotels, whereby a hotel brand represents a relationship with guests. This relationship is built as consumers get to know a brand (even if they initially choose their accommodation at random), use its facilities, evaluate their experience, and begin the relationship. Guests continue using its services only if you are communicating with them at best.

Ultimately, the brand represents the consumer’s experience with its organization. The intense competitive landscape has forced hotel brands to focus on providing memorable experiences to their guests rather than simply selling services. Thus, even though Hilton operates both the Waldorf-Astoria and the New York  Hilton, and both are first-class hotels, staying at one should be a different experience from staying at the other.

Besides the room cleanliness and hotel facility maintenance management, the factors that drive hotel guests’ satisfaction are employee friendliness, and knowledgeable employees, as well as the hotel’s physical environment.

Our research also has shown that hotel brands with higher levels of guest satisfaction achieve not only higher average daily rates (ADRs) but also significantly greater percentage increases in their ADRs over time as well.

In Summary, It is recommended to use a mixture of different communication tools to catch the attention of potential customers; this can include advertising to social media, as well as targeted events, promotions and PR (I will discuss those in detail in the upcoming articles). There are certain brands that never use advertising and only use PR to raise awareness and grow their clientele through effective communication; ultra-luxury hotels and resorts tend to fall into this bracket.

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