Be Gentle on Your Jeans; Hang them in The Jean Hanger

We all love to wear Jeans, they have a global appeal, and they just don’t look trendy but are easy to carry. If looking for a casual wear go for jeans.

Jeans require gentle handling otherwise they can easily worn out. One big problem faced by all of us is how to easily hang our Jeans and get them dried. Drying Jeans in a dryer not only takes out life from your denim, but also causes it to get wrinkled and creased.

The Jean Hanger is a wooden hanger made out of a solid piece of beech wood that fits all waist sizes and all closets too. Dryer and additional ironing causes a huge burden on electricity consumption. The Jean Hanger is a cost effective replacement of a dryer and ironing.

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The Jean Hanger is a durable long lasting hanger designed specially to hang jeans making sure that if wet they dry quick without a wrinkle or a crease.

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I think, the Jean Hanger is a useful accessory for consumers all over the world. If you think the same, back it on Kickstarter!

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Jean Hanger in Their Own Words:

The perfect hanger for your jeans. No more folding, ironing, creases or
wrinkles. Finally, a jean hanger that works. Simple, easy to use and lasts a lifetime.


What Brings Jean Hanger to the Spotlight:

It’s a utility item that brings additional benefits of saving effort and money on ironing and drying jeans.


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