BeatTune App; Your Personal Heart Rate Assistant

A good heart rate monitor strapped on your wrist is an easy way to boost your training as well as tracking any irregularities. Whether you are a fitness geek or a sports person, the accurate stats can help in heart rate training in specific zones making your workout regime more efficient. On the other hand, people with irregular heart rate can track the irregularities and make informed decisions quickly.

BeatTune app is a great way to track your heart rate in real time. The app is designed especially for the Apple Watch and is synchronized with your iPhone. It helps you to understand your heart rate readings easily and uses the Apple Watch specialized inbuilt sensors to track your heart rate according to your activity.

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You can carefully monitor any heart rate irregularities, leading to a heightened sense of awareness and premature heart defect diagnosis.

The normal heart rate readings vary according to the age of the user and the physical activity and determining if your heart rate is healthy can be a tedious process for even an expert. BeatTune makes things easier for you simply by showing you if your heart rate readings are normal according to the activity you are doing or not.

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The app also highlights irregularities as they show up! Get the BeatTune app and know your heart rate in real time anytime you want. The measurements will be seen both on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch.

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BeatTune in Their Own Words:

BeatTune helps you to understand your heart rate readings easily while keep you informed about any irregularities found.


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It helps you to understand your heart rate readings easily.


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