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Become a Loan Affiliate in These 5 Easy Steps

Everything is becoming more expensive these days, and even a small extra expense can lead to needing cash immediately. If you’re looking for some extra cash to pay the bills during these times of high inflation, you can help people access their paychecks more quickly while making one for yourself.

Through a payday loan affiliate program, you can make money as a contracted liaison between loan providers and those looking for a payday loan.

Become a loan affiliate with these five easy steps:

1. Join a Loan Affiliate Program and Set Up a Website

The first step to becoming a loan affiliate is filling out an application with a loan affiliate company. This company will back you by providing loans to customers you refer to. Be sure to research the company carefully and make sure they’ll reliably review and grant loan applications and pay your commission.

Then you’ll need to set up your website and bring people there to fill out a loan application and get automatically connected to companies providing loans. As you’ll see below, you will want your website to embed widgets from the loan affiliate company, have blog content, and create an e-mail sales funnel.

2. Start Getting People to Your Website

You need web traffic to get people to apply for payday loans on your website. Some ways of generating traffic are to write articles with SEO keywords to move your website toward the top of the search engine list when people search those words. Regular blog posts are an excellent way to do that.

You could also use paid advertising. Many social media sites have their own advertising programs. Consider your clientele and the platforms they use and tailor an ad campaign toward them.

3. Prepare Your Marketing Strategies

You can advertise for your loan affiliate website by placing ads on other websites, advertising on social media, and generating e-mail lists. You should seek to combine as many of these options as you can.

Old school advertisements can also work well. Radio announcements, television commercials, or a newspaper page can help bring people to your website. This approach is less targeted but will reach many people at once.

4. Use the Tools Provided by the Payday Loan Affiliate Company

When you become a loan affiliate, you should make sure you’re working with a company that provides the tools you need to attract clients. These include an application programming interface (API) to add multiple lenders to your sales funnel and website widgets to embed the basics of your website, like the loan application form, easily.

5. Get Paid When You Become a Loan Affiliate

When you become a loan affiliate, you have the low startup cost of simply making a website and embedding the loan application form. After that, it’s up to you how you generate leads. Once you get the application flow started, you can generate up to $250 per lead and make the extra cash you need while helping others get their money faster.

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