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Becoming MCSA: a Detailed Guide to Windows Server 2016 Certification

Microsoft is the known technology giant in the world. Many software and systems that several businesses have adopted for communication, data storage and cloud computing are created by this company. Also, in the certification industry, Microsoft is one of the leading vendors of IT certifications and exams that are tailored to various technologies such as Server administration, data mining and software development.

So, if you are planning to get into IT support business, having Microsoft certifications for yourself or for your team is an essential.

One of the popular credentials offered by this great giant is the MCSA: Windows Server 2016. This article will guide you through the details on how this particular certification can help you boost your career in IT and why exam 70-741 exam is worth taking.

Why is Microsoft 70-741 Exam Important for Your Career?

The advent of decentralized computing and the emphasis on reducing information technology costs means that the Microsoft VCE Exam Dumps Practice is very crucial. This is due to the fact that this test is focused on Windows Server 2016 which is essential in computer networking. Although the latest Windows Server available is Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 still holds a solid percentage of market share.

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There are various reasons to undertake 70-741 exam. Some of the top reasons include:

1- It enables a candidate to be recognized as the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certified professional. The certification proves professional’s mastery when it comes to the administration and management of the Windows Server. Remember that the complete sequence of exams required to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential also involves passing 70-740 and 70-742 exams. In case you are already the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certified professional, then you only need to upgrade with 70-743 test.

2- It is a tool for getting a job. Almost all the organizations require a Server to communicate and share data via their institutional LAN. This proves that the demand for the professionals who are conversant with Server administration is not going to stop soon. Therefore, you can easily win jobs with the knowledge gained by taking 70-741 exam.

3- IT Managers can also benefit by taking the Microsoft 70-741 exam because it opens up a chance for them to be able to reduce the Information Technology (IT) costs of their organizations.

4- The complete understanding of the Microsoft 70-741 exam opens up other IT fields to the individual from the vantage point of networking. For example, once a candidate masters the concept of networking, he/she can easily understand how to create and manage distributed systems.

5- It helps them to earn more, as the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2016 qualifies you for the position of a computer systems administrator or a network specialist. Thus, the average basic salary of $74,000 according to the latest research done by To add more, being MCSA certified, you can sit for one more exam and get a credential of the higher level – MCSE Core Infrastructure. This certification is your way to greater career opportunities.

Basic Exam Details

So, the Microsoft 70-741 certification exam checks your knowledge and skills to work with:

  • Network Connectivity and Remote Access Solutions;
  • Domain Name System (DNS);
  • Advanced Network Infrastructure;
  • Core and Distributed Network Solutions;
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and IP Address Management.

To add more, this test consists of 40-60 questions which are extracted in the above topics. The format of the questions can be active screen, build list, multiple-choice, drag and drop, etc. Every candidate intending to sit for this exam should pay an enrollment fee of $165. The maximum exam time is 120 minutes visit .

With all its benefits and a number of the domains covered, 70-741 exam seems rather difficult. That is why adequate and early preparation is highly needed. Further, we’ll provide you with 5 helpful preparation resources that can increase your confidence and make you completely ready to sit for the test.

How to Prepare for 70-741 Exam?

There are several options you can employ during your preparation to nail this exam. Some of them include:

1- Training courses — this is one of the preferred options by candidates. Here, an expert demonstrates the implementation steps as well as the key concepts that are covered in 70-741 curriculum outline. This gives you an opportunity to follow every moment of the presentation through a video led by a qualified instructor. One of the other best sites to get this such training is

2- Online training — this is the most widely used way to study and prepare for the Microsoft 70-741 exam. This method involves the candidate accessing the preparation materials through the internet. Microsoft online course INF 214x: Windows Server 2016covers basic networking skills.

3- Books — they say nothing beats good old paper. This method involves the candidate using a detailed study for the Microsoft 70-741 exam. One of the most highly recommended books is Exam Ref 70-741 Networking with Windows Server 2016 which was published in 2016. It is available on the Microsoft Press store.

4- Microsoft official practice test — this is where a candidate uses practice questions and answers to sharpen the knowledge and skills in Microsoft 70-741. It is made up of questions from the previous tests as well as the ones that are similar to that of the main exam. Therefore, taking the official practice test is the perfect material to help you get familiar with the test concepts.

5- Practice tests from — free mock tests in the ete format provided by should be used in the ETE Exam Simulator. This is a software designed to help you create, edit and do a trial test in a way that is just similar to the main exam. This is because the software allows you to set the time you would like to complete the main assessment and do topical questions. In addition, the ETE Player also gives you a chance to print your scores and do an analysis of your performance. As a result, you will know your weak points and so can focus on them before you take the main exam. In case you want to advance your studying, you may purchase the Premium Bundle for 70-741 exam at a cost of $39,99 and obtain an expert-verified etefile, a study guide, and a training course.


Microsoft certifications help professionals to acquire real-world skills in various fields such as networking, Cloud computing, and software engineering.

The Microsoft 70-741 exam is the right tool to continue your journey of becoming a qualified professional when it comes to Server administration roles. So, it’s time to make a choice, schedule your exam, add practice tests from to your set of preparation materials and then pass the needed assessment successfully.

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