BeeCanvas; an Intuitive & Easy to Use Project Management Tool

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An organization may not be able to deliver successful projects with consistency and efficiency if it is not using the right project management tool. Whether you have a small project management framework, or have grown a complicated system, the best way to deal with any situation is to use a tool that is easy to use, faster and robust.

The problem with most of the project management tools is that they are so complicated and bulky, that they add more of non-productive work for the project managers. Slow response time, late deliveries and compromised quality are the most common results.

If you really want to increase productivity within your organization, do try BeeCanvas. It’s probably the easiest and smartest way to organize your project visually with an online whiteboard.

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BeeCanvas is an intuitive, easy to use project management tool that combines a “to-do list” with an online whiteboard to speed up your project.

No more back and forth data transfer, e-mail threads and time wasting messenger chats; now you can collaborate with your team in real time using BeeCanvas.

This video explains it all!

Some of you may be hesitant due to privacy concerns and security issues, but that’s not something to worry about. BeeCanvas is serviced in AMAZON EC2; the same service used by NASA, NETFLIX, and other big names. Further all the information is encrypted using 2048bit RSA key from GeoTrust SSL ensuring complete security.

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BeeCanvas in Their Own Words:

BeeCanvas is a visual project management tool based on whiteboard feature that you can use easily like PowerPoint. You don’t have to use complicated project management tool for the sake of collaboration. Write ‘To-Dos’ into BeeCanvas and you can freely collect all the relevant information at online whiteboard where you can collaborate with your teammate in real time.


What Brings BeeCanvas to the Spotlight:

It’s simple, easy to use, intuitive and highly productive!


BeeCanvas Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.