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Beginner’s Guide to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a massive selling platform, and the competition here is higher than you can imagine, but that means more potential passive income for those who venture. While there are no shortcuts to success, having the right mindset, determination, and set of tools and software— it’s feasible.

Starting your digital store on Amazon can be overwhelming and seems like walking in a maze on a foggy day. Yet there are about 2 million sellers and growing on this platform. With many products for everyone and starting your business now means achieving your target goals in a few years. In the past years, Amazon is gaining more popularity, and everyone wants to take their part in this success.

Amazon made everything as easy, custom-fit, and accessible for everyone, from seller tools to buyers’ experience, you’re the only one who needs to choose which way you’ll go. Building your business is easier as you don’t have to worry about storage, manufacturing, shipment, etc.

Starting an Amazon business means there’s no need to have a physical product or worry about individual order fulfillment as the platform will do the rest. Investing with the right software or tools for amazon is vital, and Denise Burundi recently reviewed Amazing Selling Machine to help you step out of your game and see how to upscale your business and be on top of the competition.

This 8-week training course for Amazon offers an intensive program to help you understand the platform’s ins and outs. With the excellent skills developed, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goals like a pro. After the said program, you are more than equipped to conquer the digital world.

How To Start A Successful Amazon Business

Once you are fully equipped with the best know-how about selling on Amazon, it’s time to start your business. Here’s how:

Step 1. Create Your Amazon Seller Account

The first thing that you have to do if you want to be part of Amazon is to create a seller account. You’ll need to answer a set of questions for verification, whether you’re a professional or an individual.

And if you’re not successful in registering your Amazon account — you ought to check out or any other similar service as they have already approved Amazon accounts for sale.

If your goal is to create a successful long-term digital business, then opt for a professional account. While the first month of subscription is complementary, there will be a succeeding fee after that. Then you will be redirected to a new page of step-by-step guidance to all the things you need to know about setting up your business.

Step 2. Invest With The Right Software or Tools For Selling

To help build a successful Amazon business, you’ll need to invest in the right seller tools and software. These tools are strategically developed to help sellers simplify their lives, market products, and reach projected goals faster.

Finding the right seller tools helps you reach your target audience and increase revenue. With the right sets of keywords for your product listings niche, your product is easy to find, ranks higher, and is always on top.

Step 3. Build Your Product Listings

Your product listings must be of complete details for potential customers. More product information means more potential sales, and stock listings affect your revenue and help build your brand.

Details from product size, description, materials, quality, and more must be included. That way, customers will have an intensive detail of everything they need to know about the prospective product they are looking for. It increases your conversion rate, thus helps upscale business and get more sales.

Step 4. Find The Most Credible And Reliable Product Supplier

A start-up business needs to find the right product supplier who provides high-quality products to help your business grow. If it’s your first time dealing with a foreign supplier, ask for a product sample to see the quality yourself and decide from there.

Step 5. Market and Advertise Your Business

The right marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals. For most Amazon FB biz, PPC campaigns are excellent, highly-effective, affordable, and offer guaranteed ROI. Promoting your products helps your business reach your target goal and sales. Once you understand the ins and out of selling on Amazon, you can easily tailor-fit your marketing strategy to align with your business goal.

What Are The Best Ways To Sell Products on Amazon

Amazon is a massive platform where you need to make sure your product stands out from the competition. With this, you can check out these proven and effective tips on how to sell your products on Amazon easily;

  • Optimize your product information for better search results.
  • List your products at a competitive price.
  • Use a high-resolution picture for your products.
  • Strive to own the buy box.
  • Consider using Amazon Fulfillment.
  • Invest in how you can improve your product and store performance.
  • Always follow the rules.
  • Leverage your product reviews and take advantage of it.
  • Proactively manage Amazon inventory.
  • Make your customers your top priority.


Starting your business from zero may seem impossible unless you have the right knowledge on how you can effectively set it up. Since Amazon now offers FBA, the process is easier, convenient, and allows new sellers to be on top of the competition and take advantage of it.

While there are many things to do, these steps help you build your digital business and reap the fruit of your hard work fast. With the help of the right tools and software, success will come knocking on your front door before you know it.

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