Beibei Gets Richer with $100 Million Investment

Beibei which is a growing Chinese maternal and infant product e commerce site has yet again completed its second round of funding and has generated a whopping $100 million.

This investment has taken the total invested amount in this popular e-commerce site to $124.4 million from five investors including IDG Capital Partners Capital Today, New horizon capital and Banyan Capital Partners.

Beibei was founded in last year and offers great everyday discounts on children’s shoes, clothing, toys and various other supplies.

beibei image

The major reason why the investors has shown so much confidence in Beibei is because this is a relatively untapped e-commerce section and the demand for infant and maternal products has shown a sharp increase in sales the recent years.

There is no mention of how this investment is going to beĀ utilized but it can be clearly worked out that it will be used for marketing and improvement of supply chain management.

Maybe in coming few months we may see Beibei expanding to various other geographical areas. More than 5000 brands and 10 million users are registered in this site which is selling almost 100,000 products daily. With such an gigantic range, Beibei has a lot to offer to its customers.