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The Powerful Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

Are you looking for a way to make your B2B ads stand out above the crowd? Have you noticed that your copy-based advertisements aren’t working as well as they used to?

If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the powerful benefits of B2B video marketing.

Doing so can help your brand in many different ways. Video marketing can increase consumer retention, influence major buying decisions, and adjust your marketing strategy to the type of content most consumers prefer.

See below for an in-depth guide on the powerful benefits of video marketing and why your brand can’t pass up on it any longer.

1. Helps You Tell Your Story

Gone are the days of customers simply purchasing from a company with a household name. These days, the online world has opened their eyes to what they really want: to find companies they can build a connection with.

In other words, they’re hesitant to purchase any item from a company. But as soon as they realize your company has legitimate, genuine people behind it, they’ll understand the purpose behind your brand and why your staff is so passionate about it.

The best way to quickly make your brand more personable is by telling your story; why did you create this company? What was the inspiration behind it? What do you hope to achieve with the products and/or services that you provide?

You could try to share all of this, but the result would be a long, drawn-out article that will intimidate people into not reading it. If they never read it, they never learn about your storyboard.

On the flip side, you could look into a video marketing company and a green screen room rental, make a meaningful video on the story behind your brand and have it to share on any space from this point forward.

2. Gives Customers Their Preferred Form of Content

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Which would you rather do: read an article to learn about how a brand-new company can help your business thrive or watch a three to five-minute video on it? We’re confident you’d choose the latter.

That’s significant! If you’re going to invest your time, energy, and money into a B2B marketing campaign, then you want to offer a form of content that your target audience would prefer. As harsh as it might sound, customers might ignore other types of content completely.

Even when you make a video, studies show you only have 10 seconds to capture their attention before you could lose them forever. Those are high stakes and not ones that you’ll want to risk with a novel of an article answering all of their questions.

Video marketing makes more sense on a biological level as well. Studies have shown that videos make it easier to grab the attention of your client.

The action and alternating colors of the video naturally spark the client’s brain into listening (at least initially) to what the advertisement is saying.

But as mentioned before, you only have 10 seconds to grab their attention before they hit the ‘back button, so use it wisely!

3. It Sticks Out From the Crowd

This goes hand in hand with the point we just made above. Did you know that the average client sees up to 10,000 ads each day? Each. Day.

When was the last time you tried to stand out in a sea of 10,000 people? You’re essentially the needle in a very dense haystack!

Here’s the good news, some brands out there are stubborn and stick with the traditional, flat picture advertisements to push out to their target market.

You can automatically get yourself ahead of those companies by infusing video marketing into your marketing strategies.

Think of it this way: if a busy CEO has a problem in their company that needs to be fixed right away, they’ll grab one of the first valuable services they can find.

If your advertisements show lively, genuine videos describing what separates you from the pack, they’re much more likely to hire your brand.

4. It Gives Your Employees Pride

Don’t forget about your employees in all of this. While it’s the customers that may buy your products/services, it’s your employees that carry those services out.

If you want to keep your top-tier talent in-house, you need to make sure they take pride in what your company is trying to accomplish. Take this opportunity to get them involved in your B2B video marketing creation.

No one talks to your clients more than your frontline workers. Assuming the B2B video ad does work, who will be the first person that the new client talks to?

One of your frontline employees! Get them involved and help them establish even more pride in what your brand is working towards.

5. Better Conversions

Last but certainly not least, B2B video marketing will result in more sales for your company. Who doesn’t want that?

A study done by the Aberdeen Group shows that video users have a higher click-through rate (27-percent) and higher web conversion rates (34-percent) than copy users.

Why? Because the videos in your B2B video marketing strategy allow you to implement stronger calls to action. Your customers want to be told what to do, and videos allow you to give clearer instructions for the next steps.

Build Your B2B Video Marketing Campaign Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the powerful benefits of B2B video marketing, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to browse our website for more articles on video marketing tips, as well as many other helpful topics you will find helpful.


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