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Benefits of Using an AI-Powered Outreach Tool to Support Your B2B Sales Process

B2B sales is a tough game. Sales cycles are lengthy, with lots of back and forth, and it’s easy to get caught up in the weeds. But what if there was an easier way?

Salesforce has come up with an AI-powered outreach tool that helps you stay on top of all the emails you send, which can help you close more deals. With this tool, your prospects will be impressed by your ability to remember details about their company and show interest in their business.

It also makes follow-up much easier with one simple click.

If you want the best chance of closing more deals, then this AI-powered outreach tool may be your answer.

The Benefits of Salesforce’s AI-powered Outreach Tool

An AI-powered outreach tool helps you stay top of mind of everyone in your pipeline. And that’s exactly why it’s so valuable. It allows you to get to the heart of the business and understand what you need to do to move it forward.

And you can do this for all the people in your sales pipeline — not just a few high-profile ones.

It saves you time by letting you see all of the emails you’ve sent, but don’t feel as if you need to send the same email a third time to make your case. You can quickly skip the content and go straight to the right information and stay on top of the conversation.

Plus, you’re in complete control. If you need to pull back, you can use a “tap-and-hold” to delete the email and it will go back in the pipeline.

If you need to send one last email to close the deal, then you’ll have all the tools you need to make it happen. You don’t have to send an email every time, and you won’t be sending a spam email to everyone on your list.

It’s not only about email though. LinkedIn is the hottest social network for professional B2B marketing, and with AI-powered outreach, you can generate and convert leads on LinkedIn easier than ever.

This tool works whether you’re sending a marketer’s email or you’re sending an invoice. You can send the same message to all of your prospects with just a single click.

You can also identify key people in your sales pipeline, giving you the opportunity to look at them one by one. For example, if you want to send an email to 10 key people, you can identify who they are and narrow it down to the 10 you need to contact.

If you’ve sent one of those emails to someone and you’re worried it was too aggressive, then you can analyze the email and eliminate any details that are unnecessary.

What Makes This Tool Different From Other Outreach Tools?

In many SaaS platforms, AI is used to help reduce or eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks. AI’s role in Salesforce’s outreach tool is to make your messaging and follow-up better.

AI will answer questions your team might have and review and rank your most successful emails. This allows you to cut down on repetitive tasks, which means you can spend more time on the most important ones and you’ll get better results.

You’ll also have access to predictive analytics so that you can see exactly what your prospect is thinking and how they react. The more data you have, the better you can tailor the follow-up and message.

AI uses predictive analytics to help you come up with creative solutions for every potential question.

This is a better approach because you aren’t just sending a series of emails that end with a repetitive phrase or message. The tool’s intelligent insights can tell you whether your approach is working, which saves time and makes the follow-up process more effective.

You can also select different types of people in your pipeline that you want to focus on. You can create different email templates that can only be sent to certain groups.

How this Tool Will Help You Close More Deals

Closing more deals is a great reason to invest in AI-powered tools. With AI, you have the ability to identify which deals are worth your time and which ones can wait. You’ll be able to identify how successful each one was and save time for more important deals.

AI also identifies where to send your follow-up message. If you send it to prospects that have not responded, it will give you an automatic reply to let them know that you’re on the lookout.

If a prospect has not responded but you would like to get a hold of them, you can contact them directly with an email, which is way more efficient than sending a mass email.

As you can see, using Salesforce’s new AI-powered outreach tool means you won’t have to send a series of emails trying to close all of the deals in your pipeline. You’ll spend less time doing what you do best, which is selling.

You can focus on making the deals and you’ll have a better chance of closing them.

How to Get the Most Out of this Tool

Since you’re the one that is working on the sales or marketing side, you can be sure that your team is sending personalized emails to each of your customers.

Don’t just use mass email in an attempt to reach the entire population. You’ll find that if you get one lead, your team can do a great job. However, if you have 100 leads in your pipeline, you will have a hard time closing all of them.

However, with the assistance of Salesforce’s new AI-powered outreach tool, you can accomplish this.

Here are some steps you can follow to use Salesforce’s AI-powered outreach tool to increase your success rate:

  • Analyze the demographic information of each customer to help determine who to reach out to.
  • If you don’t have enough resources, target only customers with a higher likelihood of responding to your email.
  • Design the email templates based on the audience you have in mind.
  • Make the content more relevant to the right prospect and tailor it based on your progress with their previous emails.

Marketing is a process of consistency. You need to keep reminding your prospect about your offers so that they can close the deal. AI tools are a way to automate the process, which means you don’t need to worry about implementing new processes or creating new reports.


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