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Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

Blogging is considered to be a must have for startups and small businesses, especially when a small business marketing plan focuses more on content marketing or you have a high priority social media plan.

Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

Certainly, blogging can be highly rewarding if done rightly; it’s not just a supporting activity for your marketing campaigns, but in fact, you can leverage the power of blogging for increasing online sales and generating more leads. Let’s have an overview of what benefits blogging can bring to your small business or a startup;


1- Publishing relevant and value-added content regularly on your small business blog helps improving search engine visibility, which ultimately results in bringing more people to your website. The more website traffic you have, the more conversions should happen!

2- Publishing engaging and more helpful content on your blog makes it easier for your current and potential customers to reach you through search and social media. At times when people are looking for help in something specific and they search for it online, if you have really helpful content, it will bring the users to you.

3- More visitors on the blog means more potential customers, but you need to work seriously on website conversion optimization strategy in order to convert most of the visitors.

4- With each piece of content on your business blog, you develop a catalog for your potential customers which will serve them till the life of business.

5- Having your own content catalog, you do not need other resources and links to keep your social media engaging, you have your own database.

6- With your own database of content, your social media campaigns will be more result oriented as they are being redirected to your own website from everywhere.

7- Customers as they share their opinions by leaving comments actually start a dialogue that increases customer’s engagement with the brand.

8- Comments on your blog posts will give immediate insights of what your customers are thinking. You can use this information to generate ideas for more content and to improve products.

9- With new content on a specific area of business, you’re actually building credibility.

10- Each blog post you publish gives you a direct connection to your customer base.

11- You can use your blog to share new ideas and get input from users on how they want it to be.

12- With a blog, you can gather feedback from your customers before you actually entering into the market of a specific product/service.

13- Every time someone lands on your blog, you have a chance to convert them into a regular visitor by enabling options like, sign up for an e-newsletter, download an e-book, schedule a consultation, etc. Know the landing page optimization best practices to make most out of your efforts.

14- PR needs a lot of energy and cost; why not to use your blog for celebrating your success stories and making announcements. A company blog can truly make your startup PR strategy highly yeilding.

Depending upon the business model, industry, products and market conditions, benefits of blogging can be many for small business, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Do read if blogging is really for you!

Even if you find that blogging is the right option for your small business, make sure that it must have results too. You publish tens of posts and your phone doesn’t ring once, you must reconsider what and how you are doing it.

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