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The Major Benefits of Using Client Portal Software

Microsoft recently found that 96% of customers say client engagement and support are crucial to a business’s brand. Companies need effective ways to serve and engage their client base.

But how do you engage with every client without stretching yourself thin?

The Major Benefits of Using Client Portal Software

That’s where client portal software comes in. It uses self-serving tools and educational resources to address client needs.

If you’re looking to make your client communications more effective and secure, check out this guide on client portal software.

What Is a Client Portal?

Client portals are business tools that facilitate secure interactions between two parties. It connects your business’s self-service functions in a single place.

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Your clients can use the portal to manage their relationship with your company. For example, they can look at knowledge base articles to improve accounting client experience.

Clients can also change their shipping address and do other functions if your portal is integrated with other systems. In short, a client portal can do a number of useful things for your clients.

Benefits of Using Client Portal Software

Email and phone have been the standard for interacting with clients over the years. With how fast technology is moving these days, you need something quick and more effective to facilitate customer interactions.

When done correctly, client portal software can do the following:

Boost Productivity

Client web portal software gives more autonomy to your customers. It empowers them to find solutions of their own.

This means customer service agents and other staff can focus more on other tasks. More tasks will be completed and productivity will improve.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Clients value the ability to serve themselves when they need help. This level of autonomy often translates to greater overall satisfaction.

Build Customer Loyalty

Clients can also use your portal to make calls to your staff and make requests. With your team at the ready, you can address client concerns much easier.

This leads to a better overall impression and better customer loyalty.

Reduce Costs

Self-service leads to greater productivity, which often leads to more money saved by your staff. Not to mention the cost of cloud-based systems becoming cheaper, allowing your organization to adopt client portal software today.

Greater Security

Encryption and other security tools are deployed in portal software to allow clients to upload and view information. Firewalls, malware protection, and other security tools can also be implemented.

How to Effectively Use Client Portal Software

A great way to leverage your client portal software is by preemptively letting them know about your services. Keep clients in the loop about your knowledge library or your digital tools.

Deploy a seamless user experience that’s mobile-responsive and easy to look at. Make sure you’re constantly updating your knowledge content too.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback as often as you can. Knowing what your clients think of your system is one of the best ways to improve your strategies going forward.

Leverage Client Portal Software Today

Client portal software delivers solutions that make both you and your clients’ lives easier. Use this article to decide whether client portal software is right for your company.

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