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The Undeniable Business Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

Today, there are about 30.2 million small businesses in the United States alone. That’s about 99.7% of businesses!

Whether you’re a small business or not, standing out from the competition can be fierce. Have you thought about heading the traditional route with direct mail advertising?

Many don’t use it because they don’t realize how beneficial it really is. Read this guide on the undeniable benefits of direct mail and get started today!

It’s Easy to Use

Many create a direct mail campaign because they enjoy that there aren’t complex bidding strategies to figure out. You don’t have to worry about what keywords to exclude either. As a small business owner, you also don’t have to worry about building your audience beforehand.

There are fewer steps to complete the job as well. Your marketing efforts need to think about who you’d like to target. From here you can think about your design.

Some direct mail companies will let you work with their graphic designers to come up with a design. This is a great way to come up with a unique design. Various companies will have templates to make it easier for you to design it as well.

Less Competition

There’s less competition in the direct mail advertising industry. You can enjoy the fact that your audience’s mailbox might be empty that day and only see your document. Compare a couple of pieces of mail to the hundreds of emails they get each day.

In order to stand out, consider using magnets, postcards, or other items that can be placed on the refrigerator. This is a great way to improve your brand recognition as well since they’ll see your logo whenever they head to the fridge.


The direct mail marketing industry can be very targeted. You can choose a specific audience and target them with specific content. Take a look at their buying habits and personalize the messages based on that.


Direct mail campaigns can be affordable since they’re less competitive than online marketing. You can enjoy mass mail marketing as well to get your company out there.

Increase Brand Awareness

Innovative marketing such as direct mail is a great way to increase brand awareness. Whether you sent a postcard or magnet, your audience is more likely to keep it and have a reminder of your company.

Brand awareness is how you build loyalty. Consider sending out coupons or promotional codes each month to increase sales or awareness.

Creative Endeavors

Help yourself stand out from the crowd by being creative with direct mail. You can use unique shapes and different textures as well.

Build Trust

As consumers see your logo and brand design more often, it’s more likely to build trust. As trust builds, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Reach a Wide Audience

Even if you don’t have an audience, direct mail allows you to find them. It allows you to expand your reach much wider than you could normally. This is a great way to reach an audience that you might have missed with digital marketing.

Feel More Connected With Your Audience

Your audience is more likely to feel more connected with you through direct mail. This is because they’re able to pick up and view mail from you right in their own hands. Many believe that there’s more of a connection with a physical item instead of something online.

People Enjoy Direct Mail

Many people enjoy checking their mailbox each day. As they receive their mail, they like to look at the different features and information sent to them.

Coupons often make a great first impression as well. Use eye-catching material as you go to make a lasting impression.

Pairs Well With Digital

You can pair it with your digital strategy for an overall benefit. As you use multiple methods, it gives your customer numerous options to buy from you. Some consumers won’t buy from you until they see your brand a few times, and direct mail is a great way to do this.

The more marketing channels that you add, the more likely you are to have an increase in sales or brand awareness. Many businesses use multiple marketing channels so it’s important to diversify!

Personalization Matters

Consider personalizing the mail that’s sent out. Consumers are more likely to take a look when it’s personalized for them.

In order to personalize it you can:

  • Look at previous activities for ideas
  • Customize the envelope
  • Add a name to the headline
  • Consider personalized images

Track Campaigns

You can track campaigns with direct mail by sending out unique URLs or phone numbers. QR codes are another option. Create unique QR codes to see where your customers are coming from.

Return on Investment

Since direct mail has high engagement levels, you’re more likely to have a higher return on investment. It’s a cost-effective choice for many businesses. Since you’re able to mass-produce what you send out, you can find plenty of cost-effective options as well.

Understanding the Various Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the various benefits of direct mail advertising. Take your time deciding what the best option for you is and make it unique!

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