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6 Key Benefits of Greece Citizenship

Thousands of people worldwide strive to get a passport from a European state. Primarily, they look for countries that allow dual citizenship. The Republic of Greece is one of these countries, as it has a growing economy, a straightforward investment program, an excellent climate, beautiful nature, and a rich culture. The state particularly welcomes investors and highly skilled professionals. Therefore, they are offered Greece residency by investment and all the privileges available for EU citizens.

The easiest way to move legally for permanent residence is the “Golden Visa” program. It is possible to apply remotely and obtain such a visa in just 1-2 months. It is not even necessary to come to the country in person. Investors from all over the world contribute their funds to the Greek economy and receive various benefits in return. Let us take a closer look at Greece passport benefits.

Benefit 1: Visa-Free Travel and Relocation

Freedom to travel and work. You can visit 186 countries around the world without a visa. This includes Schengen states, Britain and a number of Asian countries. You may travel, work and study in most European countries without a time limit.

Benefit 2: European Union Citizenship

If you have been dreaming of becoming a citizen of the European Union for a long time, your dream is achievable through a passport from the Republic of Greece. It is an EU country, so all its laws and privileges apply to its citizens. You can initially obtain a residence permit, and after seven years, you can apply for citizenship and a passport. It is possible to study or be employed anywhere in Europe. It is also acceptable to vote in all elections in any way related to the EU.

Benefit 3: Access to Quality Education

The same educational rights are provided as those of native Greeks. The main advantages are good universities, strong schools, and numerous educational centers that allow children and young people to have an education according to international standards and become in-demand professionals for jobs worldwide.

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Benefit 4: Attractive Investment Opportunities

The lowest investment fee in the EU – €250,000 allows wealthy people to qualify for official status with a high probability of obtaining it within the timescales mentioned above. What the foreign investment in the local economy can be:

  • purchase of real estate or land from €250,000;
  • a deposit of €400,000 or more in a bank;
  • acquisition of shares from €400,000.

The Tax system in Greece is particularly attractive for entrepreneurs from less developed countries. Here, a foreigner, in addition to the other advantages of Greek citizenship, receives a large-paying market and access to all Schengen countries.

Benefit 5: Mediterranean Lifestyle

Greece’s beautiful Mediterranean climate, fresh air, natural beauty, excellent environmental situation, and superb cuisine have made it the best place to travel. However, the country is also suitable for living, studying, and working comfortably, starting your own business.

The potential for economic development in the country is high. It has inexpensive real estate, which is constantly increasing in value, a good level of health care and education, safe environment. It is possible to move as a family, with close relatives.

Benefit 6: Dual Citizenship

According to Victor Esik, a specialist at Immigrant Invest, there are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Greece. So, you can legally stay with your native document and get a Greek one in addition.

How to Become a citizen of Greece

There are several ways to obtain official status and move to a beautiful warm country:

  • having married a national of the state and having lived together for at least three years;
  • having been reunited with the family;
  • enlisting in the local army or studying at a military university;
  • by taking up a job as a qualified professional;
  • by investing a significant amount of money in the Greek economy;
  • through an international protection program;
  • for special merit in science, sport, or the arts for the country.

Another category eligible for a passport of the Republic is monks living in a monastery on Mount Athos.


It is easiest to get an official residence permit in Greece if you can prove your origin. It is also possible to take advantage of naturalization or to become an investor by making a certain investment of money. But before, you should get advice from specialists of the immigration company and consider different options, choosing the most suitable for the applicant and his family. Moreover, it is necessary to fulfill all requirements set by the country of the EU. This issue is covered in more detail at

Greece offers good advantages of greek citizenship and is waiting for new investors and all those who would like to live and work fruitfully by the sea against a background of magnificent nature!

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