Benefits of ISO Certification for Startups & Small Businesses

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Startups mainly work on their survival in the increasingly competitive world while revenue generating small businesses aim for growth. For any business, building customers’ trust is an essential because it’s the trust that brings long term customers and these long term customers are the only option for startup survival or small business growth.

Obtaining ISO certification can help building the trust faster as well as optimize the processes to reduce the redundancy. So, if you are a startup or a revenue generating small business, looking for rapid growth, you must consider getting a relevant ISO certification.

Normally the ROI calculation is done in numbers, i.e. $100 investment will save $1000. But in case of ISO implementation and certifications, the comparison is not that easy, i.e. you cannot identify specific dollar amount for the ROI, rather you can focus on the benefits of implementation and certification.

This article will discuss the benefits of ISO implementation and certification for startups and small businesses in general. The specific certifications i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 27001 have their own specific benefits. The article will also clear the doubts of startups and small businesses looking to accelerate the growth, but not sure whether or not to go for the certification.

iso 9001 benefits

Here goes the list of benefits:

Credibility and Image:

As an ISO certified business, you are proven to follow the internationally recognized standards, which adds to your credibility and image.

A Powerful Marketing Tool:

Promoting an ISO certified product or service is easier, as it attracts more users than an ordinary product/service. This is because, the ISO certification answers too many queries at once without explaining anything.

Attract Big Clients:

If your startup is competing for public sector tenders or getting projects from large enterprises, the ISO certification increases the chances of success by making your business prominent and authentic.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty:

Quality management principles are the foundation requirements for ISO, and following these principles ensures customer satisfaction which results as customer retention. Loyal customers do not just make repeat purchases, but also bring new customers via word of mouth.

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Increased Revenue:

With smooth sales and marketing processes in action, company can increase revenue and market share through flexible and fast responses to the new market opportunities.

Increased Productivity:

With ISO compliant integration and alignment of internal processes, company makes sure that the errors are not repeated which ultimately leads to increased productivity. Documented procedures are also easier for new employees to follow, thus reducing the training period.

The Trust Factor:

With ISO certification, the interested parties have confidence in the company in terms of consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Consistent Delivery:

With ISO compliant processes the organization achieves consistency in the delivery of product or service.

Improved Procedures:

With improved communication, planning and administration processes within and across departments, the overall procedures are optimized.

Costs Reduction:

The optimized procedures reduce costs as well as shorten the cycle times through effective use of resources.

iso benefits 2

Constant Quality Management:

Well defined and documented procedures do not just improve the consistency of output, but also make sure that this quality is constantly measured.

Decreased Defect Rates:

Optimized procedures do not just catch a defect earlier but also ensure that a corrective action is taken to prevent the same defects from recurring. This is how the defect rate decreases and the defects are corrected at a lower cost and many a time eliminated as well.

Better Management & Reporting:

Even the toughest jobs are easy to report and manage when a well-documented procedure is being followed.

Improved Decision Making:

With proper processes in action, you have the option for evidence-based decision making, which is faster yet efficient.

Continual Growth Culture:

With constant focus on improving processes and organizational output, you will find attain efficiency and cost savings. Keeping the pace, improving year after year, and growth is the ultimate destination!

Considering an ISO certified vendor for your business is very obvious; after all you want to make sure that you are buying quality products and services. The same goes for your target customers, when they have to choose you from a list of options.

ISO certifications do not just help in proving to customers that you are a well-run business and follow international standards, but also improve your overall business environment, thus bringing the business on a fast track growth cycle!

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