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Benefits of Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos | Dream Engine

Video content is a powerful tool in today’s digital era. From tutorials, live videos, music videos, and announcements, videos get their fair share of popularity as a communication tool. Even companies do live streaming services to market their products and share information with their audience.

On the other hand, we have pre-recorded live-stream videos. While live streaming can help you reach a wide audience, pre-recorded videos give you more time to carefully plan your content creation process.

Learn more about the benefits of creating pre-recorded streaming content for your video marketing strategy.

Why Pre-Record Your Live Stream Videos

Pre-recording videos meant for live streaming might just give you some advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

1. An avenue for creative freedom

Unlike a live event, pre-recorded ones allow you to fine-tune your content and presentation before showing it to the world. You can add graphics, sound effects, and visual effects to any slide you want. You’re enhancing viewer engagement as they view the video. You have more control over what you can add and remove from your content.

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2. Polished results

Pre-recording live-stream videos lets you to come up with high-quality content. You can edit the video in more ways than one to make it engaging to the viewers. You can also decide which footage goes first in the editing process based on the script you have. The finished product has a high level of production quality that stands out among other competitors.

3. Relieves pressure from real-time speaking

Let’s face it—there really are people who get pressured when asked to speak in front of a crowd. They fumble for the next things to say and end up stammering along the way.

This kind of pressure is alleviated with pre-recorded speaking. You don’t need to feel nervous as the live stream goes on. You can feel at ease throughout the recording process and speak naturally without any live audience.

4. Gives flexibility

You can’t do a retake in a live event when you mess up, even just a little. You just need to smile, take it lightly, and laugh it off like nothing happened.

In a pre-recorded session, you can do retakes when you commit a small error in delivering your speech. You can refine your delivery until it turns out perfectly. Edit the video at your own pace without the pressure of finishing it exactly on time while improving the video quality.

5. Avoids technical glitches

Your live video may suffer a glitch as the live streaming takes place. A slow internet connection or any other factors might be causing it. Glitches may potentially ruin the attendee’s experiences with your live stream.

You don’t need to worry about that in a pre-recorded video. Everything is edited from start to finish. It will be a seamless watch when the video is released. From there, less technical glitches in the video might occur. You’re more likely to immerse in the content without worrying about any glitches.

6. Easy scheduling

Pre-recorded live-stream videos can be released at your most convenient time. You don’t need to think about the peak times when the audience is at their most engaged. You can choose which time and time zones you want to drop the video. If you have international guests in your live stream, you can always coordinate with them regarding the schedule of the video’s release.

7. Cost cutting

If you think you’re going to waste your money and time with a pre-recorded live stream, the answer would depend on how you allocate your resources.

It all starts with careful planning and asking yourself how big your production scale is. You must determine first how much you’re going to spend on equipment, studio rental, wages, and talent fees for guests, if you have any. Save money from wages and studio rental if you have a place to shoot and do the editing yourself. A proper allocation of your current resources will make pre-recorded live streams cost-effective for you.

8. Monetization

The good thing about pre-recorded live-stream videos is that you can monetize them. You can place ads, promotional content, or sponsorships within your pre-recorded content to gain more revenue. It’s like getting your investment back in little ways.

9. Content repurposing

The value of your pre-recorded live stream goes high over time. Use the same video for your social media posts, educational videos, and blog posts. Maximize its exposure by sharing your content on all your social channels.

Final Thoughts

Creating pre-recorded live-stream videos gives you complete control over how you want your content to look like. You have all the creative freedom to add elements and remove some of them. The greatest benefit of these videos is you can use them time and time again for specific content needs.

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