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Top 5 Benefits of Strategic Messaging and Copywriting for Your Brand

The typical business-to-business (B2B) enterprise spends a little over 6% of its gross revenue on marketing. Business-to-consumer (B2C) brands usually dedicate around 10%.

The smartest way to invest that marketing budget is in services with a high ROI, and those that are easy to scale as you grow. Strategic messaging and copywriting is an investment that pays off fast—and, it just keeps working.

Ultimately, the benefits of any great marketing strategy boil down to increased lead conversion.

So, how do strategic messaging and copywriting get you these results? Read on to learn how one of the best marketing strategies works. Then, discover five specific benefits this marketing technique offers brands like yours.

1. Develop a Throughline

First and foremost, strategic messaging and copywriting let a brand develop a throughline.

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The throughline functions like guardrails on a highway. No matter what “lane” your messages are in, each one works to usher customers along on the same journey.

A strategic messaging consultant will ask you:

  • What’s the single most important problem your brand solves?
  • Who are you solving it for?
  • What exactly is your solution?
  • What makes it different and better?
  • Why should your audience believe you?

Want to answer these questions? Conduct market research and develop customer profiles. Then, analyze the market research using a competitor matrix.

Your clear, succinct answers to each of these questions build your throughline. This forms the “spine” of all marketing content and copies moving forward. With this spine, you’ll never get too off-track.

2. Build a Messaging Matrix, Framework

Once you have a spine, you can build a framework around it. You’ll want to create high-impact marketing content for different audiences, on different platforms, and for different publications.

The framework keeps all those different messages cohesive and on-brand.

Marketing and design firms like David Taylor Design (https://www.davidtaylordigital.com/) specialize in this type of framework development.

They’ll build a sales funnel that drives your audience to take action.

3. Streamline Messaging With Branded Templates

Once you have the framework, strategic messaging and copywriting help brands develop formulas. This lets you deliver effective messages regularly.

You can build on existing formulas, then tailor each one—both to your brand, and different mediums.  Use the formulas to create templates.

Then, automate new content while staying on-brand. This facilitates growth.

4. Cultivate a Unique, Representative Brand Voice

When strategic messaging and copywriting is the foundation of your digital marketing approach, it’s easier to cultivate a unique, representative brand voice. Your audience and message should shape this voice.

Your brand may communicate like a thought leader, or like a trusted friend. Familiarity and authority can both build trust.

Once you have that voice in mind, it’s easier for different team members to use it. This consistency makes your brand’s voice memorable, which improves customer acquisition.

5. Keep Messaging Focused While Growing

Growth is good. As your brand grows, you’ll want to:

  • Tailor messages to different audiences
  • Focus on different benefits
  • Launch new products

New product and marketing ideas are great. But, they can also complicate your messaging.

With strategic messaging and copywriting, you can expand without confusing your audiences. No matter what you say as a brand, your “problem/solution” core stays strong.

You have a different, better solution to the problem than the competition. With that message at the center of each piece of communication, your copy with convert exponentially.

Strategic Messaging Strategies and More

Strategic messaging and copywriting tactics empower businesses to thrive, grow, and scale. They keep all communication clear and memorable—no matter which audience you’re talking to.

And, they make automation easier as you go.

Want to learn more marketing tips and tricks? Check out our content library.


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