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What Are the Benefits of Video Content?

Did you know that over half of the world’s population uses social media? That’s right; the customers that you’re trying to reach are on the web. If you’re not online, how are they going to find you?

You need to have a strong digital and social media marketing strategy. That strategy should involve video content.

But why bother with video content when it’s so time-consuming? We’re here to talk all about the benefits of video content marketing so you can decide if it’s right for you. Read on to learn more.

Videos Encourage Social Sharing

Think about all of the things that you see shared on social media (or the things that you share yourself). How many of those posts include videos?

Almost all of them, right? When you click on those videos, it’s also likely that they aren’t as interesting as you’d assumed that they’d be. Why is that?

Videos are more sharable by default. Whether it’s due to their information or their entertainment value, people love sharing videos from their favorite content creators and businesses.

You can use the same video on all of your social channels and even repost it from time to time. It’s less obvious than reposting videos or written content.

They’re More Attention-Grabbing (and Holding!)

When you spend a lot of time on your video creative development, you’ll end up with a product that grabs and holds the attention of your potential customers. It’s far harder to look away from a brief video than it is to look away from a still image.

By using the right components, you’ll have people lingering on your ad for several seconds longer than they would a written post. Most people will only scan a written post for anything relevant to them before they move on. Videos make them stop and listen (or watch).

They Make You Look More Professional 

As long as your video looks clean and high-quality, it will make you look more professional and authoritative as a business owner.

Everyone knows that it takes time, effort, and expertise to make a high-quality video. A business that’s willing to put that time and effort it seems like they’d be more likely to be an authority in their niche.

Connecting With Your Audience

It’s hard to truly connect with your audience when you only use written content unless you’re an experienced writer. Even experienced writers have a hard time connecting with people who simply don’t like to read.

With video content marketing, you’re able to use voices, music, and visuals to create a full experience that can generate emotions. You get to connect to your potential customers on a whole new level.

Is Video Content Right for You?

If you’re not already a video content creator, why not? Video content is a great addition to any digital marketing strategy. Start developing strong video content ideas so you can reach a whole new set of potential customers today.

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