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Top Three Benefits of Website Design to Improve Marketing

Almost 90% of online shoppers would not go back to a website after having a negative experience. Your business website is a crucial part of your marketing plan because it’s where customers or clients buy from or reach out to you.

If your website design is subpar, then your marketing strategy could fall at the last hurdle.

But exactly why is web design so important to market your business well? These are only some of the benefits which will reveal all!

1. Skyrockets Your SEO Strategies

Website design is vital to the success of your SEO strategy. Anyone who runs professional SEO services would agree that you shouldn’t overlook it.

Search engines like Google rank websites with fast site speed (under three seconds) higher than slow sites. If your website isn’t coded well and takes too long to load, it will rank lower on search engine results pages.

Good web design can help you improve your local SEO services and strategy, too. Easy-to-find web content will improve your rankings for local searches. This will also increase your chances of appearing on Google Maps searches.

Any good SEO services company would include website design within an SEO marketing plan. And with any luck, they will provide affordable SEO services, too.

2. Creates a Cohesive Brand Identity

Do you spend hours poring over your business’s Instagram account, making sure it matches your brand’s aesthetic? Of course, because social media is part of your marketing plan!

But your website design also needs to look beautiful, too. It should have an intuitive design and use your brand’s colors, fonts, and images.

When your business has a style that flows across all its platforms, it looks professional. This builds trust with potential customers and they are more likely to return. It will also help you stand out from lesser competitors.

3. Important Part of the Marketing Funnel

There is no next generation marketing strategy that exists today which doesn’t include a website. For example, this is one of the most established eCommerce marketing funnel templates out there:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

Where can your customers take action if they are unable to navigate around your website to buy products or services? Sure, sales through social media might be on the rise, but most online shoppers still rely on websites.

Customers also follow through on other call-to-actions on your website. Good website design encourages users to sign up to email newsletters, look at other content, and browse other products.

That’s How Website Design Affects Marketing

Improving your business’s website design might not be high on your list of tasks to improve your marketing strategy, but it should be! These are all the benefits you will gain with a good website design, so you won’t regret spending the time and money to make it better.

Great website design and a good marketing strategy are only two of the things you need to start a successful business. Check out our website for tons more entrepreneurial tips and advice!


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