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Best Alternative to Kicksta – Kicksta Review 2021

A while back, I decided I needed a bit of help to grow my Instagram. I was branching out to actually using it to promote my business, and I knew that I didn’t really possess the specialist knowledge needed in order to grow it myself.

Best Alternative to Kicksta – Kicksta Review 2021

There are quite a few different services available online that claim to be able to help you with this. Some are quite obviously a scam and others seem genuine. How can we ever really know?

I went in a bit blindly, having never used a service such as this before, and decided on Kicksta. To be fair, they have a good website, and even if you’re new to Instagram growth, it’s pretty easy to understand.

However, I ended up being quite unhappy with the service and results I received from Kicksta.

How Does Kicksta Work?

When you first arrive on Kicksta’s website, the text “no spam, no fake followers, no bots. Just pure organic growth powered by a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology.” comes up.

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This is followed by a quick explanation of how it – supposedly – works. They claim to find profiles similar to yours, auto-engage with their followers and get followed back.

As I say, in theory, this sounds like it makes sense. However, in reality, it didn’t really work like that – at least, not for me.

Is Kicksta Safe?

Theoretically, yes. Kicksta doesn’t seem to be a scam. Essentially, when we say Instagram growth, we mean a substantial increase in followers. That’s what can lead to things like ‘Insta-fame’ and small businesses turning into large ones.

The problem is that, as I later found out, it is not human-powered growth that Kicksta claims to achieve, but is instead created by the software.

Said software only engages with others in terms of ‘likes’, which in turn does not generate any real form of growth for your own Instagram. Namely, a really low increase in followers.

So yes, while it is safe as no bots are used by Kicksta, which is what can make some of these services dangerous, I didn’t see any noticeable increase in my Instagram growth.

Is Kicksta a Scam?

I really didn’t get the sense that Kicksta was a scam. It just wasn’t particularly upfront about what type of results you’re likely to see, which is regrettable, especially after spending that much money.

The Instagram growth that Kicksta is able to gain is really quite low. This may not make it a scam but at the very least, dishonest. In my opinion, anyway.

After looking at other reviews and understanding how they work, I now understand that the way they target other Instagram accounts for growth works very badly as it is software-based as opposed to human-powered.

It subsequently results in much lower growth for your own Instagram.

Another thing I didn’t like about Kicksta was how difficult it was to get in contact with them. I had to wait on average three whole days before they got back to my queries or concerns. I would not rate them highly in terms of customer service.

Best Alternative to Kicksta?

While not the worst service around, there are definitely better options available to you in terms of Instagram growth. A friend of mine had recommended FollowFox to me after I mentioned my disappointment with Kicksta.

I think this is my biggest piece of advice – follow the recommendations of others who have used a service and seen results! She explained to me that they were different because they used ONLY human-powered methods of interacting with other IG accounts, resulting in real, organic IG growth in terms of an increase of followers.

Why FollowFox?

As mentioned above, FollowFox uses human-powered methods of Instagram growth, all of which are totally above board.

It all starts with ascertaining who you want your target audience to be, and the team at FollowFox then engaging with accounts that fall into this category, with a strong likelihood of them following your IG page.

The growth you see is REAL. No bots or anything that can put your IG into jeopardy.

They have fantastic customer service and are always on hand to have a chat with you about your strategy, target audience or anything else related to your IG growth.

FollowFox Features

Dedicated Customer Service

The team who are on hand round the clock. I had my own Account Manager and Growth Expert who were both absolutely fantastic at making sure my Instagram got the maximum amount of growth possible

Really Easy To Get Going

All I had to do was sign up, explain what I wanted to achieve in terms of growth and my target audience, and that was really it.

Dashboard Feature

Easy to keep track of your progress with their dashboard feature that shows you all relevant growth information. You can see how much growth you’ve achieved by week, month or year.

Transparent Pricing

The plan that doesn’t break the bank.

FollowFox Pricing

As mentioned, FollowFox has a really transparent pricing system that is easy to understand and it’s pretty affordable. There’s the cheapest plan called Personal, at $59 a month.

There is also the Influencer plan, which is what I chose, at $89, and the Business plan at $229.

FollowFox Reviews

I was recommended FollowFox by a friend, which was enough for me to trust their service.

I was curious though as to the type of feedback they’d received online, and quickly discovered that the majority of people who have used them have been very pleased with the results.


While not as clear-cut as some other reviews due to the fact that I can’t call Kicksta a scam as such, FollowFox definitely offered better results when it came to real Instagram growth for my page.

I would definitely use FollowFox again, as well as recommend it to anyone who needed such a service. It really helped my business grow.


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