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The Best Hosting For WordPress Blog

If you are looking for what is the best hosting for a WordPress blog, then there are many choices to go over. Selecting WordPress to host your blog is a wise call.

The Best Hosting For WordPress Blog

After all, even The New Yorker uses WordPress and it’s such a big site that trusts managed WordPress hosting platform.

There is so much that WordPress offers that you simply cannot go wrong with it. But getting your blog live on the Internet takes more than just downloading WordPress.

You need hosting, a domain name, a multipurpose WordPress theme, plugins, search engine optimization… You can check these cheap WordPress Hosting plans

And all of it is going to cost you money. WordPress is open-source and free, but you have to pay for pretty much everything else to run your self-hosted WordPress blog site. (Though free plugins and themes are available, we all know how ‘functional’ they are.)

But, first things first, you’d need hosting. Your website needs to have a home on the web. That home is called server space which your WordPress hosting company will provide.

The options for WordPress blog hosting? Plenty.

So are all these options equally good? No.

Other than a wide range of price points, WordPress blog hosting solutions also vary in terms of facilities offered and the quality of the service.

Based on detailed analysis and comparison, we have found SeekaHost as a hosting solution fit for a vast majority of WordPress blog owners.

How? Read the in-depth review of SeekaHost WordPress hosting to find out.

SeekaHost: Beyond Excellent WordPress Hosting At Rock-Bottom Rates

The best part about SeekaHost WordPress hosting is the man behind it.

The Sri Lankan-born British tech entrepreneur, Fernando Raymond is a well-known figure in the SEO and blogging world. He is best known for his ClickDo agency SEO services and his positive stand on private blog networks.

Now when a man who himself runs probably more than a hundred WordPress blogs and websites offers you WordPress hosting, you can rest assured that the services won’t be anything less than perfect.

But you don’t have to trust Fernando to know that SeekaHost is the ideal hosting partner for your WordPress blog. The features inside the SeekaPanel and the pricing speak for themselves.

Here are the features you get with SeekaHost WordPress hosting:

  • One-click WordPress installation with cPanel.
  • PHP version 7 or higher.
  • SQL version 5.6 or higher.
  • WordPress updates as and when new versions are rolled out.
  • Notifications to carry out plugin updates are required from your end.
  • WordPress safety guidance.
  • Super-faster loading time.
  • 24/7 live tech support.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • FTP access.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Malware scanning
  • DDoS protection.
  • Unique class A, B, and C IP addresses for PBN hosting.

 Seek a Host Pricing

SeekaHost offers three basic WordPress hosting plans as follows:

Basic WordPress Hosting – $1.49/month

Ideal for WordPress beginners, the Basic Web Hosting plan literally comes at the price of peanuts. You won’t even feel the pinch when $1.49 will leave your wallet each month. The basic plan comes with 2GB of disk storage and 10GB of data transfer

Standard WordPress Hosting – $5.5/month

For small business owners who have more than one parallelly running WordPress blog, the Standard Web Hosting suite will suffice. For $5.5 a month, you get hosting for three websites. It includes 15GB disk space and 30GB data transfer.

Growth WordPress Hosting – $8/month

For bloggers with multiple WordPress websites under their wing, the SeekaHost growth web hosting plan available at $8 per month is suitable. It is for five websites and comes with 50GB disk space and 50GB data transfer. This plan also comes with WordPress support.

Premium WordPress Hosting – $12/month

Especially for PBN holders, the premium suite offers to host for 10 sites at just $12/month. You get 100GB of data transfer and 100GB of storage space. This plan also offers free remote support.

With the SeekaHost WordPress blog hosting platform, you can also buy multiple IP hosting for private blog networks.

Seek a Host known as the world’s largest PBN host and thousands of customers said to be using PBN hosting services.

You can use private blog hosting to host small PBN sites that need unique IP addresses for each site on the blog network.

Prices are in £, $ and Euros as well depending on the country from where you are from. As I am in the UK I could see the pound prices.

What Makes SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Stand Out?

Running a WordPress website isn’t a single isolated task. You need multiple services. And the more services you find with a single service provider, the easier it gets.

With SeekaHost, you can get the cheapest .com domain name registration.

Even their renewal rates are lower than competitors like GoDaddy or Bluehost.

Then they have a wide range of hosting solutions suitable for multiple needs.

Today, the Basic hosting plan might be enough for you. But what if you need hosting that aids your SEO efforts? SeekaHost has Premium SEO hosting.

What if you need multiple IP PBN hosting later on? SeekaHost has that too.

Maybe you decide to host your WordPress blog on a Virtual Private Server? SeekaHost also offers VPS hosting.

Need online marketing or Adwords services or guidance? That’s available with SeekaHost too.

And they also offer handy tips and guides for hosting, running, and growing a WordPress blog.

Plus, the support team is beyond what I have seen anywhere else. If you get stuck somewhere, expert technical help is just a text or email away.


And all of these services are available to you directly from the SeekaHost app. It is a WordPress hosting control panel that gives tech noobs the liberty to manage even huge PBN networks on their own.

Most hosting service providers offer just what they claim. Plain simple web hosting.

With SeekaHost, you get services beyond that.

From constant support to technical guidance, different types of hosting options for changing needs, and the availability of related services, the SeekaHost app doesn’t just offer WordPress web hosting. It offers you an expert hand in navigating the competitive WordPress world.


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