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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Business Marketing Strategies

It’s getting increasingly competitive to distinguish your business from its competitors. While you can still leverage digital promotions to a considerable extent, it doesn’t always guarantee the right kind of impression with your target audience especially if you are running a retail store. 

Furthermore, keeping up with bigger brands in the digital marketing space can be a challenge in itself that demands you to invest a lot of resources into it. When it comes to digital advertising, small businesses, more often than not, have to compete with larger businesses with bigger marketing budgets and better resources. 

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Business Marketing Strategies

This could be one of the reasons why many businesses in the United States are resorting to leveraging promotional products for the job. And most of them are succeeding too by diligently using promo products to give marketing a good boost

According to Global PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), promotional products are favored by close to 80% consumers of a business. 85% of recipients of promo products choose to transact with the business that gave them the products in some way.

So, do promotional products promise a positive impact on your business marketing strategy targeting customers in the United States?


What You Need To Know About Them

If you reside in the USA, you have likely come across promotional products at least once as a consumer. They are merchandise that hundreds of thousands of businesses give away for free to their target customers simply to generate some buzz or reward loyalty to their brand. 

The objective here is simple. Through promotional products, or branded merchandise for the layman, businesses inspire existing customers to keep transacting while encouraging prospects to choose them over the competition.

These promo products can come in many forms like pens and desk accessories to customized apparel and DIY kits. And they can make quite an impression if you leverage the right products at the right audience, so much that promotional products are expected to be kept by recipients for an average of at least seven months.

Choosing The Perfect Promo Product

To maximize the effectiveness of promo products for your branding and marketing activities, you first need to pick the right ones. For that you must consider a few factors.

The Nature & Demographic of Your Target Audience – Go as specific as you can to learn more about your target audience. Their age, their interests, their expectations, and every other info you will need to make an informed decision on the promo product to use.

The Budget For Promotion – Generally, retail businesses invest anywhere between 5-10% of their revenue for marketing and promotions. When you are about to give away freebies, you can decide on a comfortable amount to spend on procuring the merchandise, promoting the event and distributing the products. A cost-effective product ensures maximum ROI, generating impressions for months. 

Assessing Shortlisted Products – Once you have a list of products that you deemed effective for promotions, do a double check on each product to see if it suits the needs of the targeted customers while aligning with your brand and its values. This is also where you consider customizing or personalizing the product for that extra oomph. 

Distribution – This is where you have to be extra careful. You need to finalize the quantity of products you will need for the giveaway, check whether they will suit the occasion, and see how creative you can get with the actual handover. 

Might appear complicated on paper (or on a webpage) but it’s rather simple. All you need to do is put an effort into understanding your audience and discovering the right product to give away.  

And if you can manage that, you get these in return:

  • Increased brand visibility & awareness
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Higher ROI compared to conventional advertising like print ads & TV ads

Plus a bonus if you plan to purchase promo products in bulk. 

Let’s say you want to give away a dozen super comfy t-shirts at a trade show, and you’re eyeing Comfort Colors just because of the quality and appeal of the brand’s t-shirts. You can get them in bulk from a trusted supplier offering Comfort Colors wholesale blank apparel. Apart from lower price per unit, you also get additional volume discounts as you purchase in bulk. If the supplier also offers professional apparel decoration services, you save even more.

With customized Comfort Colors t-shirts, you can engage your audience at the trade show, give the clothing away, take a few pictures and get some great impressions on your customers. Every time a recipient wears the t-shirt, they recall your brand. And you get a little word of mouth marketing in the process.

Maximizing Results

Handing out promo products to impress customers shouldn’t be the top priority however. You get the best results when you integrate promo products into your existing marketing strategy. Build your business’ online persona by investing in digital marketing solutions. Then leverage social media platforms to get the word out on the giveaway. 

7 out of 10 brands that used promotional products claimed that they achieved their marketing goals thanks to the products. Now go ahead and gain new customers while fostering the loyalty of existing ones with the right promo products.

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