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How to choose the best personal bank account?

Having a bank account in Europe is essential, especially nowadays, as we find that many goods and services require us to have an account and payment card in order to acquire them. There are many options on the market, some more flexible and economical than others, therefore in this opportunity, we want to explain to you how to choose the best free personal bank account and how to open it.

Services and costs

Nowadays, when choosing a banking service, a person is looking for a balance between convenience, set of services and security. Classic banks are a common tool, but a routine one, with a lot of bureaucracy, all processes take a long time. In this case neobanks, such as Blackcatcard, are more attractive choices than traditional banks. Neobanks are more convenient, they have a large set of asset options – not only fiat, but also crypto – and are safe as well.

For example, Blackcatcard allows you to store your money safely and for the minimum cost, after all this is your money. It offers its individual customers to open personal IBAN totally free and online, which makes the process convenient and fast. Best of all: Blackcatcard securely stores your assets, as they use bank-level security to protect your funds.

But in addition to safely storing your money, you also need flexibility in how you use it. On the one hand, you will probably need to make transfers to other accounts both nationally and internationally. In Europe, unlike other regions of the world, you will be able to make transfers to other countries within SEPA with very attractive conditions, but to make the most of them you need a personal account that allows you to make them at the lowest possible cost.

For this the Blackcatcard service stands out again, because with an IBAN account you can make up to 5 SEPA transfers per month without any commission or limits, from the sixth one onwards a small fee of € 0.20 will be charged for each transfer regardless of the amount. On the other hand, you will also need to make payments in all kinds of stores, physical or virtual, restaurants, cinema, etc.

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For this purpose, Blackcatcard provides its clients with a virtual payment card and a plastic payment card, which can be used without maintenance fees. And for the convenience of users it is possible to withdraw up to 200 Euros per month at any ATM in the EU without commissions, after which a small commission of only 1% of the amount withdrawn will be charged.

What about benefits?

Apart from the high quality services and fair prices provided by Blackcatcard, you can find other very relevant elements that make the difference when it comes to where to open a personal bank account. These are the benefits. Within the Blackcatcard Fintech ecosystem its partner FINTECH ASSETS OÜ offers different types of bonuses, such as 2.2% per annum reward for keeping your funds in the IBAN or 5% cashback for your favorite purchases on Google Play, 2% Amazon or 0.1% on any other purchase made with the card. In short, you not only save money for using these services, but you also earn money!

Making the most of the crypto world

With neobanks it is possible to access some services that traditional banks do not yet have. For example Blackcatcard provides a fintech ecosystem in which their partner DigiNORD OÜ offers optimal crypto service. Thus, users can access an exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT, which can be transferred via TRC-20 and ERC-20 protocols).

Blackcatcard app users can buy, sell and transfer these crypto assets among themselves without limit or fees and receive them from any other cryptocurrency wallet without paying any charge. In addition, as part of its mission to reduce the costs of financial services in online banking, the Blackcatcard ecosystem since January of this year allows sending to any other crypto-wallet in the world with a 73% reduction in outgoing transfer fees. And just as with your euros, your cryptocurrencies will be safe, as the same bank-level security is used as with fiat currency.

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