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The Best Private Schools In The US

Schools In The US – Education Information

Nowadays, almost all foreign students strive to obtain elite secondary education in the USA. The attractiveness of ranked elite schools in the United States is due to the practical orientation in teaching, innovation, and business direction due to the fact that a large number of social, political, and economic events are concentrated in the United States.

Graduating from high school in the US, a foreign student will be able to keep abreast of modern world development trends, thereby contributing to rapid adaptation to them.

As one of the main advantages of studying in the prestigious private schools in the USA, it is worth highlighting the high level of guaranteed security, comfortable accommodation conditions on the territory of the school residence, meals, as well as an excellent level of technical and infrastructural equipment of educational and residential buildings. Thus, constant supervision of foreign students by the teaching staff is provided.

Schools In The US – Main Specifics

The advanced private schools in the US are educational campuses, on the territory of which educational and residential buildings have been created and built, infrastructure for sports and outdoor recreation, namely their own stadiums and swimming pools, addition, a medical center, creative studios, residences for accommodating foreign schoolchildren, as well as administrative and economic blocks are successfully operating.

The educational process in schools in the US is divided into three stages:

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  • Primary school – focused on children aged 5 to 12 years

Even more care and careful attention from the teaching staff is given to the students of the lower grades. In accordance with the curriculum, one teacher is responsible for teaching all subjects.

As for the formation of classes, it is carried out on the basis of the level of abilities of schoolchildren. In this connection, before the school year begins, it is planned to conduct a general test, the purpose of which is to determine the level of academic knowledge, the development of thinking, the ability to analyze, the degree of perseverance, and discipline.

As a rule, the organization of three classes is provided, namely A, B, and C. Testing is scheduled to be repeated on an annual basis. The student is given the opportunity to move not only to a more advanced class but also to an easier one.

  • Secondary school – education for foreign students aged 11 to 14 years

As a rule, teaching within this educational stage is conducted according to the system of credits representing educational units.

In addition, the curriculum includes career guidance that helps students to make a choice about their goals, interests, and preferences in order to determine their future specialization.

At the end of each academic year, international students take general transfer exams. Thus, on an annual basis, it is planned to distribute students to new classes.

  • High school – teaching is conducted for foreign students aged 14 to 18 years

High school students are studied in the framework of compulsory subjects and electives. Thus, every foreign student chooses the preferred direction and specialization for him with the aim of effective pre-university preparation.

Compulsory subjects are the following, namely English, mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, information technology, and art.

Among the highly specialized disciplines, it is worth mentioning robotics, film production, world culture, theater art, psychology, Latin, philosophy, French, German, Chinese, fundamentals of leadership, as well as anthropology, etc.

TOP Private Schools In The US – Enrolment Process 

To become a student of an elite private school in the US, the foreign student will need to ensure compliance with certain established rules and prepare a package of documents. The student must promptly deal with the issue of admission to the American leading private school.

So, taking into account the fact that the beginning of the school year in America falls in September, the acceptance of applications ends in January-February of the current academic year.

In addition, the list of accepted students for the next academic year has already been formed approximately in March-April. To enroll in an elite private school in the USA, the student needs to prepare the following list of documents, namely:

  • Report cards for the last 2-3 years
  • A copy of the first page of the passport
  • Providing the characteristics of the incoming from several teachers
  • Provision of various diplomas, diplomas, certificates that were received for the high results achieved in a variety of fields of activity
  • Writing an introductory essay or a motivational letter
  • Passing the international language exam.

As a rule, elite private schools in the US accept the results of international TOEFL or SAT exams. In addition, it may be necessary to pass a personal interview or an exam at the host American school.

In case of insufficient English proficiency, a foreign student will need to take a supportive language course. In addition, in order to check the level of knowledge in academic subjects, an international student will need to pass a special exam. In the US, the following types of tests are most in-demand –  AST or Reasoning Test.

Private schools in US fees for the international students

The tuition fee is stipulated by the following factors, such as the ranking of the educational institution, its location, accommodation type, and the list of additional services.

On average, the cost of studying in a prestigious private school in the US, including nutrition and living, fluctuates from 40,000 to 90,000 USD per year.

The schools located in the southern and central states are characterized by a lower price, in particular, these are Tennessee, Florida, Montana, North and South Carolina, and Colorado. More expensive tuition is inherent in private elite schools located in California, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Best Schools In The US For Foreign Students

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
  • North Broward Preparatory School
  • Windermere Preparatory School
  • Webb Schools
  • Grier School
  • Lake Mary Preparatory School
  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • САTS Academy Boston
  • American University Preparatory School
  • The Village School

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