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The 5 Best Startup Newsletters to Read

If you’re an entrepreneur or are willing to become one, reading about other startups is highly advisable. Their stories are about building a business from scratch and they teach a lot about creativity and what it takes to succeed. Some might spearhead innovations you can use to help solve problems you might face. After all, in the increasingly competitive business world, there’s no use in reinventing the wheel. 

Reading startup newsletters like Houck’s Newsletter can be pretty rewarding. You’ll find helpful information about funding, industry news, and business resources, or get inspired by successful stories.

A Busy Market

You won’t lack examples if you want to read about the actions and stories of other founders. According to recent estimates, about 305 million startups come to life yearly. However, the battle to survive the early days is a gruesome one. Between 80% and 90% of those new companies sink into oblivion, which means only about 10% live enough to become fully developed businesses.

Such a dismaying mortality rate is due to a few factors. Poor management, targeting the wrong market, poorly chosen partnerships, and lack of research are among the most common but avoidable reasons. After all, it takes more than passion and innovation to stay afloat. 

Knowledge is power and in this case, it can give you the edge you need above your competitors. Reading about unsuccessful stories can also help you avoid the same mistakes and fates of those companies. 

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Top 5 Newsletters

In this context, startup newsletters are totally worth your time. Save some space in your day and your inbox for the ones mentioned below.

Houck’s Newsletter

Houck’s Newsletter is followed by over 73,000 founders for a reason. This newsletter provides useful advice for building, funding, and growing new ventures. Here, you’ll find the latest news about the business world, how to approach investors, fundraising, marketing tips, etc. It’s a weekly publication organized and written by Michael Houck. Once you’ve signed up, you can expect to receive new content every Sunday at 7 a.m. (EST).

CB Insights

CB Insights is a delightful mixture of quality content with a pinch of humor. It’s directed by Anand Sanwal. He makes the content unique by blending analytic insights, reports, and news about venture capital investors, spiced up by memes, jokes, and gifs. You can also check new and old content on the CB Insights website, where you find an enormous archive of articles dealing with pretty much every aspect of startups.

Inside Newsletters

Here’s a source for 22 quality newsletters about technology, including Inside XR, Inside Venture Capital, and Inside AI. It’s also an excellent source for marketing, cryptocurrency, devs, business, and wellness content. 

The Daily Brief brings international news that might affect the business world, like the rise and fall of specific markets and government news. Don’t forget to check the “Learn” tab, which contains interviews, guides, glossaries, and upcoming events. You can also find job vacancies in the field by browsing the “Job” tab. 

Benedict’s Newsletter

This newsletter is signed by Benedict Evans, and it’s based on his 20 years of expertise in technology, the mobile space, and media affairs. Benedict also has a lot of experience in consulting, strategy, and venture capital. He shares his thoughts and experiences weekly with over 175,000 readers. The quality of the content and the broad expertise of the writer as well as his unique insights make this newsletter very worthwhile reading.

Sunday CET

If you’re looking for news about the European market, Sunday CET is an excellent option. The content is curated by Dragos Novac, an entrepreneur and investor himself. The main goal of this newsletter is to follow the ups and downs of the European startup ecosystem. It brings innovative business practices, money affairs, and news about relevant actors in the field, both old and new. 

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.