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Best Ways to Find CTO for your Start-up

What’s the one golden rule for excelling in the world of eCommerce and IT? Find a rockstar product and put everything you have got in it.

What Is a CTO for Start-UPS?

Every possible retail business around the globe has now adapted the eCommerce stream one way or the other.

Some business models are working on the offline and online models simultaneously. But on average, the integration of eCommerce in retail business has become quite common.

This gave rise to the dusk of eCommerce associated start-ups. The market demand isn’t as diverse as the number of start-ups springing up daily.

To work seamlessly, all these start-ups require a CTO. The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is solely responsible for focusing on the technical aspects of a product and its eCommerce retail.

The Situation on the Market Currently?

As discussed earlier, the number of start-ups getting into eCommerce is far more than the actual demand. In other words, the market is getting diluted because of these start-ups. In a situation like this, finding a CTO is becoming harder.

The overall job aspects of a CTO are getting standardized on the one hand. The same core job of a CTO now is to handle the software-based elements from the very start. This includes the digitalization of the whole operations as well.

Why is it Hard to Find a CTO?

First, it is the whole job dynamics itself. Start-ups these days are just willing to get every ounce of your service for practically nothing. Plus, the market is already getting disturbed with these start-ups springing up daily with zero product distribution plans.

Second, joining a start-up based on a profit agreement is quite risky. If we talk about a large-scale corporation, there’s a lot of security in a deal like that. But, no one knows the actual projection of a start-up. Plus, a CTO will be working a lot with a chance of getting nothing at the end of the day for their services.

How to Find a CTO For your Start-up (how and where)

1. Stay Firm on Your Requirements

As a start-up, you don’t need to waver on your requirements. If you are a severe eCommerce-focused start-up, you must have calculated your expectations from a CTO. These requirements are necessary for the proper working of your eCommerce setup.

Even it is pretty hard to find a credible CTO for start-ups these days, and you will eventually get someone. All you need to do is to negotiate like professionals. This will boost the credibility of your start-up and potentially help you get a CTO for your start-up.

2. Look For Developers at Similar Start-UPS.

Now, this is one intelligent approach to take to get a potential CTO. The market is already flooded with start-ups. The chances are that you will easily find similar start-ups around you. Within these start-ups, you may find some exceptional developers working already. The post of these developers will be lower than the CTO.

The best approach here will be to hire these developers as CTO in your start-up. They might be inexperienced, but their skills will be relevant. The central portion of a CTO’s job already deals with technical and software-related issues. It will be a good decision.

3. Get In Contact With a Technical Advisor.

There is a fine line between a CTO and a technical advisor. The post of a technical advisor isn’t permanent in start-ups and even in high-end corporates. The advisor plays the role of an analysis based on a contract or for a short period.

When interviewing or recruiting for a CTO, it is better to get the expertise of a technical adviser. The adviser will analyze whether or not you need a CTO. The adviser can also explore the possible options for CTO recruitment.

4. Search through the Web

You might have already heard this suggestion a hundred times over. But yes, you need to search through the web no matter what. The internet has now become a digital version of planet Earth. You can find anyone from anywhere around the globe with particular expertise. Considering how hard it is to find a CTO these days, it is better to go through the web.

But it would help if you were very careful while going through the web. There are tons of scammers just waiting there posing to be a CTO. These con artists are so advanced that you won’t easily detect their fake profiles phishing data any time soon.

What Alternatives Are There to Having a CTO?

The chances are that you may not have the resources to hire a CTO at the given moment. No need to worry at all. There are some pretty solid alternatives you can go with. Just plane amazingly, and you may never need a CTO ever again.

First, if you have expertise in software and technical analysis, you can be the CTO as well. This will be an additional role with being the CEO. Second, you can also outsource the work associated with the role of CTO as well.

Hire CTO With Your Shore Development Company

Don’t know where to look for a CTO or what to do if you don’t have funds? Don’t worry, and Your shore development company is here to rescue you. We have a team of professional developers groomed to play the role of a CTO in a start-up. The portfolio is loaded with experience and achievements from giant corporations. You can hire a CTO with ease.

Also, we have a whole list of outsourcing experts that will deal with your CTO-related tasks like true professionals. The professionals will be handling complete campaigns and individual product technical analysis from the start to the end. You have to call us.


eCommerce was a giant balloon back in the 1900s. It took a solid century to burst, but when it did, the world certainly shook. Today, everything in the world of retail is about eCommerce. You can’t find a better time to get into this world with a solid CTO working along with your start-up.

eCommerce is not only our target audience – rewrite the article in a more generic way with more relation to the IT industry


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