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How To Ensure a Better Experience When Shipping Your Company Cars

If you’ve ever shipped a vehicle before, then you know that these services don’t always meet expectations. Some shipping solutions are extremely costly, and others deliver far later than anticipated. There are shipping companies that transport vehicles in open, fully exposed conditions, and shipping companies with lots of hidden fees. To make moving your company’s cars a bit easier, the following are several ways to optimize this experience.

Look For Niche-Specific Transportation Equipment, Services, And Capabilities

Shipping vehicles can be both risky and costly. However, shipping commercial vehicles can be infinitely more so. This is especially true if there are autos in your commercial fleet that have been modified with special accessories or mounted equipment. If this is the case for any model you intend to ship, look for niche-specific transportation companies.

They’ll have more experience in handling the awkward shapes of autos with mounted features, and in dealing with their additional weight and height. They’ll also be more adept in mitigating the unique risks of transporting vehicles with high-value upgrades.

Use A Broker

Working with an auto-shipping broker is the best way to streamline this process. Most businesses in need of auto shipping have a variety of special challenges and needs. Whether their vehicles are larger than normal, higher in value, heavier, or needed in new locations as quickly as possible, company owners can get the best results by using brokers to identify the right transportation options.

According to, one of the leading car transport companies in the nation, they say “Auto transport company prices are based on current market trends for nationwide auto transport. Your total cost from auto shipping companies will depend on the type of car you want to move, where it needs to go, its size, condition (or if it has any modifications), total transport distance, transport type (open or enclosed trailer shipment), and finally, the time of year when you book.”

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A broker can help you find the best options in car transport at your targeted price point. A broker can also help you understand why certain shipping options are better for your circumstances than others. For instance, freight shipping will keep your autos covered and secure from beginning to end, but it might not allow for expedited delivery, or it may not be available in your pick-up and drop-off areas. Uncovered or open transport on a truck is both quick and cheap. If you’ve got limited funds and need your autos to arrive right away, it may be worth considering.

A broker will additionally make sure that the shipping company you choose has all of the right licensing, registration, and insurance for the job. Using brokers is a time-saving technique as it eliminates the need to screen providers individually and on your own.

Save Money With Central Pick-Ups And Drop-Offs

If cost is a major concern, consider using companies that have central hubs for picking vehicles up and dropping them off. These solutions work best for small-sized businesses with just one or two, modest-sized vehicles to ship. They’re significantly cheaper than direct, door-to-door service, and they offer the same level of in-transport security.

Go For Bulk Shipping Discounts During The Off-Peak Season

Timing your use of these services correctly could shave hundreds off of your bill. The peak season for most shipping companies is usually in autumn and mid-spring. This is when “snowbirds” in cold areas migrate to warmer climates and bring their vehicles along with them. When demand decreases in the winter and summer, many shipping companies offer a range of discounts. In fact, these are also great times to look for discounts on bulk shipping if you’ve two or more vehicles that you want to transport.

Get Your Autos Ready For The Challenges Of Travel

The best auto shipping services take a number of precautions to limit wear and tear on vehicles during transport. However, even extra diligence in these measures won’t keep your car from being subjected to additional stress. One of the best ways to minimize this stress is by making sure that your vehicle doesn’t have any developing issues. You should schedule a tune-up and have your vehicle detailed.

Pre-shipping tune-ups and detailing services create a written record of your auto’s condition. If there are any noticeable dents, dings, or scratches after shipping, you can use this record to show that they were sustained during travel. These services also prime vehicles to perform well in their new environments.

Offload Unnecessary Weight

Don’t attempt to load your vehicles with tools or other equipment as a way to cut costs or simplify the logistics of a major relocation project. Adding weight to an already heavy automobile can greatly increase your shipping costs. It is often far cheaper to simply make additional shipping arrangements for any tools that aren’t actually truck-mounted.

Getting rid of excess weight can also mean cleaning beneath all seats, checking in-floor storage compartments for hidden items, and clearing out the trunk. If you haven’t checked your vehicle’s storage areas in a while, you could wind up spending hundreds of dollars to ship items that you really don’t want or need.

Make Sure That Your Auto Shipping Service Is Registered

All automobile shipping companies must be registered with the right regulatory bodies for their service areas. Companies that ship cars domestically and internationally must be registered with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Shipping companies and auto brokerage services offering interstate auto shipping must additionally have registered motor carrier numbers. You can look up a prospective provider’s motor carrier number by visiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) official website. If you have a broker, your broker can make sure that your shipping service has all of the required registrations.

Pay For The Level Of Security You Need

Freight shipping and enclosed, truck-based shipping provide the greatest level of security and protection. With these shipping solutions, your fleet vehicles won’t be exposed to the natural elements, and they’ll be less likely to sustain damages due to vandalism, attempted theft, or other crimes. If you have a high-value vehicle or a vehicle with high-value accessories, these options are worth looking into.

Choosing the cheapest auto shipping solution can certainly be tempting, but even using open, truck-based shipping services can give you peace of mind and the benefits of safe, timely delivery if you select the right one. Finding the best shipping service for your budget and your needs is often easiest when working with a competent car shipping broker. You can further streamline this experience and ensure your success by having your autos tuned up and detailed ahead of travel, and by eliminating extra, unnecessary cargo weight.

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