bia sports
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Bia Sports – First Tech Enabled Lifestyle Brand for Women

Until recently, the athletic tech industry was dominated by male designs. The GPS watches available were largely unattractive to ladies and carried a monotonous design. However, Bia Sport is bound to change it all. Bia Sport is the first tech enabled lifestyle brand for women.

bia sports

Named after Greek goddess of power and force, this lifestyle brand is ideal for active women. It is basically a sleek and easy to use multi sport GPS training watch.  

You can make your cardio workout fun with Bia as almost all activities including cycling, running and swimming can be tracked using this device. The quick connect GPS ensures that establishing connections with the satellite doesn’t take long.

Bia Sport in the own words:

It is a small, sleek and ergonomically designed  product that will ensure a perfect fit. This flexible, lightweight band comes with just one button and intuitive touchscreen and is quite easy to use.

Why Bia Sport is in spotlight?

The brand realizes that women are not as same as men when it comes to accessories. It is a brand by the women for the women. Using this brand, the women do not have to be insulated by compromised products and will be able to use the products specifically made for them.

Official website:

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