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Bid Farewell to Dear Ones with GoodBye Message

Life is not promised to us and we are blessed everyday simply by being able to rise in the morning. Tomorrow is never promised so it is good to tell important people in our lives that how much we love them and everything else that they should know.

Words have a life of their own and every day and even when we are not there. A mobile platform or app can help us to avoid this situation by recording, securing and storing a video message for your friends or family, in case of sudden death.

GoodBye Message is one such solution which is basically directed to deliver personal messages to your near or dear ones if you are no more. As our lives are becoming highly unpredictable, the use of this app is not only limited to army men or terminally ill patients but for anyone and everyone.

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The app has got high stages of security that allow only the authorized users to access the messages. It is a really nice way to show your loved ones how important they were and express all what you couldn’t tell them earlier.

goodbye message logo

GoodBye Message in Their Own Words:

Ever had the idea of recording a message for your friends or family in case you would die unexpectedly? With the new GoodBye Message App you can simply record, secure and store a video message for your loved ones.

What Brings GoodBye Message to the Spotlight:

GoodBye Message enables you to leave a personal message in case you cannot deliver it yourself anymore.

GoodBye Message Website:

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