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Bits & Pretzels Sept 27-29, 2015; the Founders Festival in Munich

Bits & Pretzels; a 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators is going to take place from September 27 to 29, 2015 in Munich.

This is an ideal opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners to meet the successful and best-known entrepreneurs from around the world, share their ideas and learn the keys to success.

Bits & Pretzels event in September 2014 entertained 1,400 startup representatives while the number of participants increased to 1,700 in January 2015’s event. This event is expected to be attended by more than 3,600 startup enthusiasts.

bitsandpretzels main image

The first two days of Bits & Pretzels Festival are very important as participants will get important insights and tips for building a successful startup from the successful startup builders. While the third day will be a networking event.

The first two days event will be held at International Congress Center Munich due to the huge number of participants while the third day of the festival will take place in the famous “Schottenhamel“ tent at the Oktoberfest, whereby the participants will get the chance to network.

Day 1: Keynotes and Night Bash: Inspiring keynotes and presentations from successful and influential founders from the digital world.

Day 2: Hands-on Workshops and Exclusive Bar Evening: Exclusive workshops, speeches and presentations in different rooms, where important founder issues are discussed.

Day 3: Bits & Pretzels at the Oktoberfest: Ideally dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen, all 3,600 participants will spend the third and last day of the festival in the oldest and most traditional tent “Schottenhamel“.

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