Blogger Business Card Ideas & Samples

Once blogging was just one of the ways to express yourself to a broader audience, but now blogging is one of the most profitable business ideas one can start with no cost. Whether you are resident of a big city and want to be a blogging star or, you want setup a small scale business in small town, a rural area or a village, blogging will work from anywhere; all you need to have is a computer and a good internet connection!

Well, as the blogging industry is growing day by day, bloggers are turning to be more professional when it comes to market their blog. Gone are the days when blogging business was all about relying on Search Engine traffic. Now your blogging business must be social in offline corners too.

Of course when it comes to optimize blogger’s revenues, it’s not the time when you can rely on Google Adsense only, and so you must have more than one sources of revenue. To get more natural/direct traffic, more social media engagement and of course better revenues you need to attend relevant events and trade shows, meet targeted people and to stay in touch with them you need a blogger business card that is impressive enough to make people remember you and call you.

Your business card if it is as good as your blog, will definitely have a deep impact on your target audience. Below are some samples and ideas for your blogger business card.

Bloggers Business Card Samples