BodBot – Your Personal Health Trainer

BodBot is a amazing mobile app for fitness enthusiasts which will offer you personalized exercises and nutrition that will help you to stay fit and healthy life long. It’s more of a personal trainer for you.

The sophisticated technology used in the app is based on the pinnacles of physic and bio-mechanics and customizes the exercises and nutrition based on your personal profile and vital stats. Also, BodBot manages your workout regime and keeps a track of your progress, restructuring and reassigning it based on your current situation.

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BodBot is an effective and cheaper alternative to seek the usually expensive services of a personal trainer.You can use this app across various app platforms including Windows, Chrome, Andoird and iOS. Thus, for a fit body make use of BodBot and remain healthy and fit.

BodBot in their own words:

BodBot is a must have app for health lovers. Our service has changed lives and enhanced the experience of the users to a great extent. We constantly improve our app and help people to achieve their health goals.

Why BodBot is in spotlight: 

BodBot uses special 3D movement analysis that improves the exercise forms and reduces risk of various orthopedic injuries. Also, you can use it with various wearable health and fitness devices.

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