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Bogglo; A Safer & Affordable Marketplace for Students

College textbooks alone may cost some students up to $5,000 per semester and once the semester is over, they simply don’t need them. Selling them is a big headache again. Well, that’s doesn’t just happen with textbooks, but various other students stuff including gadgets, specific instruments, school supplies etc.

Being unable to sell these goods for the right amount, many students just throw them or else wrap up everything to overload their rooms. I remember, how I made a library of my text books just because selling them was a hard thing and I simply didn’t want to throw them away.

On the other hand, same stuff is very much needed for the new students. Being unable to find used items in good condition they are forced to buy new items that certainly overburdens them financially.

A marketplace where college students can sell their stuff to other college students who actually need it is something that resolves the problem and this is what Bogglo does.

Bogglo is a trusted marketplace for college students to buy and sell stuff with complete trust. Since, only college students are allowed, the trust factor comes in automatically.

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Besides the trust factor, affordable prices, online payment, free uploads etc. and all this right from your smartphone together make used goods buying and selling simplest for students. Bogglo is a free app and selling with it is totally free as well. It’s only a small percentage, i.e. 8% of the transaction amount that buyer is supposed to pay. So, if you are buying a $250 worth of merchandise for $50, paying $4 as transaction fee is not a big deal.

Other than that, Bogglo’s security is outstanding too; the seller uploads an item and receives offers. Once he counteroffers or accepts an offer, a pickup code is generated for the buyer. In the next step when buyer meets the seller, he has to insert the pickup code in seller’s dashboard.

Solving the problem of about 21 million in United States alone, Bogglo is certainly working in the right direction and will get a good market share sooner.

Bogglo main image

Bogglo in Their Own Words:

Bogglo allows students to transform their campus into a local store where they can quickly buy and sell what they need. College students are always pressed for time. They do not have the leisure to run around town searching for what they need nor can they afford to sell their lightly used items on time consuming marketplaces.

What Brings Bogglo to the Spotlight:

Safety, security, and efficiency all at once while creating an ease of access for students is one distinguished feature of Bogglo. The triple filter keeps students safe, while the technology streamlines the process.

Bogglo Website:

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