Bon Recipé; the Time & Money Saver for Busy Families & Food Lovers

Internet is full of free recipes, but finding the good ones is not that simple. You need to spend hours to filter out the best recipes that taste good and are healthy too! Cooking may not take much time, but it does take lot of time to find delicious and nutritious recipes.

Imagine the ease, if someone does this research and drops you a bunch of awesome recipes every month! Who will be doing so? Well, leave it to Bon Recipé; a subscription box service that delivers you laminated recipe cards printed on high-quality cardstock, sent in a special envelope every month.

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That’s not just a bunch of recipes; you also get coupons, promo codes, giveaways, education and infographics, and more inside the box. And, every month has something different, picked especially for you!

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Stop wasting time searching for delicious recipes online and get curated recipes from the best food bloggers mailed to you each month. Whether you are on a special diet or have dietary restrictions, they have everything for you!

And yes, 10% of proceeds go towards meals for hungry kids worldwide!

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Bon Recipé in Their Own Words:

We’re a subscription box service that prints recipes from popular food bloggers on high-quality cardstock that’s laminated and mailed each month along with grocery coupons, promo codes and discounts to merchants and vendors related to cuisine and cooking, and giveaways from our partners. A portion of all proceeds goes towards nonprofits that send food and supplies to disadvantaged kids across the globe.


What Brings Bon Recipé to the Spotlight:

It saves time  and money in the form of recipes, coupons, and more in the mail every month!


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