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BookedIN: Client Appointment Scheduling without the Need of a Secretary

Whether you are a hair stylist, photographer, aesthetician, personal trainer, or a life coach, being a small business owner you have to manage almost everything of your own business. In fact wearing multiple hats is the most common problem with micro businesses and startups.

You have to be the social media manager, the scheduling expert, and every other role essential to take your business to the next level. By being a jack of all, though you are trying to increase productivity, chances of committing mistakes also increase. You can expect some administrative nightmares, but those are all avoidable just by using the right tools.

BookedIN is one such right tool for your business with which you just need to send your clients a link to your booking page and they can book appointments online. It’s a simple solution for you as well as your clients as they don’t need an account, and can book easily from their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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Yes, you need to signup as you need to manage your private online calendar and all of your appointments there which can be done at a glance. You can easily adjust your settings, book new appointments or track existing ones.

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The automated booking system sends the client confirmation and also the reminders making your life easier!

Further, with the online payment, you don’t need to work on the cashbook, just collect a fee up-front, add a tipping option, or simply let them pay later. For online payments, all you need is to connect your Paypal!

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Use BookedIN, provide convenience to your clients, stay organized and stay happy!

BookedIN in Their Own Words:

End your scheduling chaos with BookedIN and get back to doing what you love. BookedIN creates an online booking page so your clients can book their own appointments with you. They won’t need a username or password.

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BookedIN handles all booking confirmations and reminders. – With private calendar you can manage availability, appointments, staff, create custom booking forms and more. – Payment collection for lump-sum or required deposit payments tied to each appointment.

What Brings BookedIN to the Spotlight:

It eliminates stress and replaces the need for a secretary.

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