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Boost Your Productivity at Work Following These Three Simple Rules

At work, you are trying to be as efficient as it is possible. Many things depend on your productivity:

  • You can earn more if you handle more tasks;
  • You can have more free time if you complete your assignments earlier;
  • You can even be promoted and make a better career.

Boost Your Productivity at Work

However, what can you do if, after just a couple of hours of work, you start feeling again those bothering pains in the back and neck? What if at the end of every working day, your head seems to be exploding from migraine? How can you optimize your working place in a way to make it more convenient and healthier?

work productvity

Install a Height-Adjustable Desk

If you work from home, you have a great benefit: you can arrange your working place in the way you want. Get a height-adjustable desk or buy a desk lift to make one. Check what height is the best for you when you work in a sitting position. Make the same for the standing position.

A height-adjustable desk brings several crucial benefits to your health:

When you are changing from a sitting into a standing position, you make your muscles and joints stretch and relax. Your weight is not transferred to your back only but instead, your feet are loaded. Thus, your back has an opportunity to rest, too. The neck stretches and the blood circulation improves. The blood brings sufficient oxygen to your brain. Migraines disappear.

These are the improvements that you will feel within a couple of weeks. In the long term, the number of benefits grows exponentially. With improved blood circulation, you prevent cardiovascular diseases. With more movement, you slow down or eliminate the weight gain and prevent obesity, and similar. Some benefits of height-adjustable desks are still argued about, but most of them are evident.

Once the height-adjustable desk arrived, you can also start with a workout. There are very simple physical exercises to start with. First, those are stretches and turns. Make sure though you are performing them according to all the rules. Otherwise, they might not bring the wished effect but on the contrary, they might even cause damage.

Once you feel that the easiest exercises are not sufficient, you can confidently move to more complex exercises. Among them, there are push-ups, lifts, and other exercises that can replace a real workout in the gym.

Whatever exercises you are doing, never overdo them. You shall not feel any discomfort, pains, or have other unpleasant sensations. If you feel at least the slightest pain, it means that you are doing something wrongly.

Once you eliminate the unpleasant or even painful sensations, the productivity of your work boosts.

Fix a Chair

Do you have a super convenient ergonomic chair? Get it! A good chair shall be height-adjustable, too. It will allow you to keep your posture and your back to rest in its normal position. Also, it will boost the comfort level of your work and make it more productive.

Get a chair with armrests. Some people under-evaluate the usefulness of this element. However, when you are typing, your hands and arms are under significant pressure. That is why it is important to give them some rest in a relaxed position. It can be provided if you have comfortable armrests.

There are chairs that provide support for your back only. However, it is much better if you get a chair that has a headrest. In such a case, your complete back and your head have support. The load on your back is reduced, and the neck can have real rest. If the chair back is too low, it might be very comfortable but still, you will get those irritating problems with the back and the neck.

Get the Needed Accessories

Good accessories also add convenience to your working place. Accessory type and their number will depend on your needs. For example, if you work with papers, you might need a document organizer. If you have many papers, a rotatable organizer will save space and boost the functionality of your workspace. In some cases, you might want to consider even an attachable drawer or a new shelf to accommodate all the required documentation. Some people though do not need these accessories at all.

Another accessory that you might need to purchase is to monitor support. With it, you can adjust not only the monitor height but also its tilt. If you use a laptop, getting an attachable keyboard might be considered to avoid tunnel syndrome.

And finally, do not abuse anything: do not sit for hours but don’t stand too long, too. Interchange the positions frequently. Initially, you might change the positions every 20-30 minutes. Later the changes will become less frequent, and the ability to work in a standing position will be improving. The first results you will see within a couple of weeks if you combine work with physical exercise.

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