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Boost Your Productivity With Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a call automation software that allows sales teams to call multiple phone numbers at once. The technology behind the software detects when someone answers the phone or if it goes to voicemail. When a person answers the phone, it notifies the sales representative in charge of calls. Essentially, this is one of the most effective ways to automate jobs where sales teams have to call and connect with potential customers.

It is something that businesses use to stay ahead of the curve and perform better than their sales competition. Here are are some reasons your productivity will boost with this technology.

How the algorithm works

Predictive dialers were invented by Douglas A. Samuelson in the early 1980s. At this time, they were hardware based. Samuelson’s description of the technology included two points. The first was being able to predict the number of free agents when the dialer begins dialing the calls while the second was that it could detect the probability of calls connecting to customers.

He described that it was like thinking of a passenger and a bug, where buses are outbound calls and passengers are customers. He said that every bus has to find a passenger. The time that the passenger is on the bus is the time that the caller is speaking with the customer. The next bus is then released in time to board the next passenger, which is because the bus is about to be free after dropping off the current customer.

Predictive dialing is all about releasing the metaphorical bus at the right time.

Why it could help you

This software has come a long ways since it was first invented. It now comes in form of an advanced software that is able to do a lot more than before. One of the revolutionary options is using a cloud predictive dialer. With this software, you can automatically record and log call information to your CRM.

This software also has the capability of screening calls and using answering machine detection, which significantly cuts your time wasted. These are all tools any company can use to their advantage, especially when making tons of calls.

Predictive dialing software can increase your occupancy in this realm. It allows for 85 percent of the time to be spent on phone with potential customers or clients, instead of waiting for people to pick up. This software has gained widespread acknowledgment from many looking to optimize their time spent working because of these helpful features.

Moving forward

Predictive dialers leave room for your sales team to work on making their best sale. Their time won’t be spent sitting on a telephone that is going straight to the answering machine. This technology allows room for growth, development and honing other crafts that will make employees better at their job.

Once time spent on the phone is cut down, your employees could become sale gurus. This is especially true because of the time they will spend selling and not waiting on the line for someone to pick up. You will get more out of your enthusiastic sales team with developments like this.

You are bound to see better sales results with this software in place. Your sales team will also thank you. This might just be your best move for your company. Predictive dialers are an invention of the future that shows no signs of slowing down.

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