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Boost Your Sales Today: Why You Should Make Happy Hour at Your Business

If you run a hospitality business like a restaurant, bar, hotel, music venue, or winery, you can boost your sales by holding daily happy hours.

Traditionally, happy hours are regarded as certain times when establishments offer food and drinks for cheaper prices.

You will get a lot more people through the door during happy hour, so as long as you price your food and drinks correctly, you can make a healthy profit while still offering items at less than full price.

However, today, happy hours need to go beyond simple offers of less expensive meals and cocktails.

If you really want to boost the sales of your business and outperform your competitors, you need to keep your happy hour interesting and innovative.

Targeting Certain Groups Can Attract New Customers

When hospitality businesses provide some kind of unique value or experience to their customers, it not only boosts sales. It also boosts demand and company reputation.

One way of enticing new customers and maintaining repeat customers is to target your happy hours to certain groups.

For instance, you could offer additional discounts to women on Thursdays or free menu items to office workers on Mondays. You could even cater to virtual office parties by delivering items.

More and more businesses hold their own happy hours, either on or off premises, as a way of bringing teams together and boosting morale.

So, surprise them with an happy hour kit that enables team members to have fun mixing their own cocktails.

Exclusive Menu Items Can Draw In Crowds and Allow You to Try Out New Items

Exclusivity drives demand, so consider creating menu items that are only available during happy hour. For instance, you could add certain cocktails, craft beers, or exotic dishes to the menu. By doing so, you will attract more customers.

Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity for you to try out new menu items to see if your customers like them before rolling out the items on the full menu.

To retain a successful business, you need to continually adapt to changing market trends and come up with innovative products and services, so by trying out new items on an exclusive happy hour menu, you can stay a step ahead.

With a Happy Hour Menu, You Can Showcase Your Full Menu Items

In addition to trying out new menu items, you can utilize happy hour to showcase your full menu items.

You can prominently advertise the things you want to sell the most on a menu that also includes happy hour offerings as well as provide small samples of everyday favorites during happy hour, thus resulting in your customers buying those items at full price at other times.

As long as you have delicious foods and drinks, all it takes is getting customers to sample them for you to attain repeat sales.

You Can Boost Sales by Pairing Happy Hour Menu Items

Another great way to get your customers to try more of your menu, and therefore boost your sales, is to offer pairings. For example, you could offer a craft beer with fries or a glass of white wine with a shrimp salad sandwich.

That allows customers to try menu items they may not otherwise sample. If they like what they have tasted, they will come back for more.

Furthermore, by pairing items during happy hour, you can provide discounted items at a higher price than you would be able to do if you sold the two items separately.


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