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Tips for Brand New Law Firms to Attract Clients

Only a few things are more difficult than attracting people to your new business. You wish they were like moths to flames, flying in through your doors! But alas, you’ll have to do a bit more to make that happen.

Starting a new law firm is scary, but you’ve done that. Now comes the next step, attracting clients. Yes, even if you’re a successful lawyer, you must work to get those clients. We have six tips for brand-new law firms to attract clients.

Opening A Law Firm

So you’re all set to open your law firm; it’s exciting but a little daunting, as it should be. It can be overwhelming when you ask your colleagues or look online; information overdose is real! Let us ease your mind and give you the most important things to keep in mind when opening a law firm,

  • Have Enough Experience: There’s nothing worse than opening up your firm only to close it because you’re unpractised. So make sure you’re an experienced lawyer before opening up your firm.
  • Choose A Name: Like any business, you must choose a name that resonates with your practice and your strengths as a lawyer.
  • Set Up Accounts: Lawyers must handle all clients’ funds separately, so you will need checking accounts, client trust accounts, IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts), and credit cards.
  • Set Up An Office: The pandemic may have shifted gears to most businesses being operated online, but having a physical office does wonders for your business. A specific location and address boosts your chances of getting clients and ranks higher on search engines faster.
  • Set Up Social Media: Social media champions businesses faster than anything else. So set up accounts or pages for your law firm across platforms.

Tips for Brand New Law Firms to Attract Clients

Now that you’ve opened your law firm, it’s time to drive clients in.
How do you do that? Well, we’ll tell you!

  1. Social Media: As mentioned already, social media can boost your business. Setting up pages for your law firms across different platforms rates your business high on the web and attracts traffic.
  2. Build An Online Presence: Just opening social media accounts is not enough; load them up with content that has niche specific SEO: write-ups, videos (short and long), photos, and presentations.
  3. Use Traditional Email Marketing: Don’t forget the charm of email marketing; they still work! Sign your existing and new clients up in your newsletter. Personalized emails are a great idea to make them feel more special and onboard them faster!
  4. Legal Directories: Find the most popular legal directory in your area. Then submit your portfolio and have the administration add you to the directory. Some famous legal directories are FindLaw, Super Lawyers, Nolo, etc.
  5. Put Together All Your Reviews: Everybody trusts a well-reviewed business. So when you have favorable reviews on your website or social media platforms, clients can trust you and approach your firm.
  6. Network: Nothing beats good old-fashioned people-to-people connection. Attend the meetings and events, and don’t hesitate to talk your law firm up! Don’t come across as too pushy, though; just inform your colleagues and acquaintances about your new law firm.

Things to Remember If You Want to Attract Clients

Consider these things when you’re aiming to attract clients for your law firm,

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  • Update your social media regularly. Potential clients need to know what’s happening when they visit your pages.
  • Don’t overdo the emails; once or twice a week is sufficient to keep potential clients interested.
  • When you’re at networking events, don’t be forceful and offer up your services, you’re not selling. Instead, you let them know you’ve opened a new law firm.
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with your old clients, even if the experience wasn’t great. Keep in touch and remain kind.


You know the tips and tricks to attract new clients to your new law firm. Patience and consistency is key in promoting your firm. Share this article with your lawyer friends and colleagues so they learn how to further their businesses.


1.  How Can I Promote My Small Business Online?

Ans: Thanks to social media, promoting your business is easier than ever! You can boost your businesses by presenting them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also use the growing craze of TikTok to advance your business. People are more likely to scroll past videos these days, so creating small clips promoting your business can quickly crank up the traffic and drive customers!

Remember to use content with SEO on your pages so that when potential customers look you up online, your business will rank higher on search engines. Build a friendly rapport with customers and gather positive reviews to display on your platforms.

2.  How Can I Choose A Name For My New Law Firm?

Ans: Choosing a name for your brand-new law firm is crucial. You must choose a name that resonates with your practice and potential clients. The name should also represent your strengths as a lawyer and a collective idea of the importance of law. However, it may be difficult to put all of that in a few words as the name; that’s why Google is your best friend!

Generate hundreds of great names for your business and choose one that fits your legal practice best. You can also name it after you, which can be a little generic, but as long as you provide top-notch service, that should be fine.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.