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3 Branding Agency Services Your Business Needs

No business owner wants a tired or dated brand when they have a fantastic business to share. That’s why branding is always a wise investment for any ambitious company.

But there is more to branding than a bit of help from a graphics designer. Did you know that branding companies offer a whole range of services that can help you transform your business image?

Here, we’ll take you through three of the most popular branding agency services you should consider for your business.

1. Logo

A logo design is probably one of the first investments you make as a business. But there is more to a good logo design than simply creating a small graphic for your website.

A branding agency will help you develop a concept for your logo that will reflect who you are as a business and what you do.

You’ve probably noticed that some famous logos incorporate their business into their logo design (the WWF is a perfect illustration). That’s an excellent example of creating a distinct, service-specific creation.

A good logo must be memorable and striking. Additionally, a branding company will give you multiple versions of the logo to show you how you’ll incorporate them into different aspects of your branding.

Think about how your logo might look different on an Instagram profile thumbnail compared to a giant billboard ad.

2. Style Guide

If you want a recognizable brand, you’ve got to be consistent. That means using the same look and feel throughout all your business material.

It might include branded business gifts (mugs, keyrings), branded social media, a branded website, and branded advertising.

That is more difficult than it might sound. You must ensure that everyone in your organization knows your exact brand colors, fonts, email signatures, and tagline.

That’s where a style guide comes in.

A style guide is a set of branding rules that a design agency will put together to cover every eventuality with your branding. Once you have a style guide, you’ll find it easier to keep your brand identity consistent.

3. Brand Strategy

Sitting in the middle of all your branding efforts is your strategy.

Ultimately, a brand design must work for your business. So before you can delve into color schemes and graphics, you must decide on your top-level strategic direction for your branding.

But if this sounds like a challenge, a brand agency can help you put this together.

A branding consulting company will work with you in an information-gathering phase to determine your business needs and how you want your business to present itself to the world.

They can use this information to put together a set of goals and a high-level strategy. Once you have that, you’ll find it easier to build up individual brand elements, including your messaging, logo, and style guide.

Make an Impact With Branding Agency Services

You’ve got a great product or service to share with the world. So it deserves to make a great first impression. Consider these three branding agency services for your next business image upgrade.

Why not look at our startup spotlight area for some brand and design inspiration?


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