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9 Fruitful Tips for Startup Business Branding, Marketing, and Success

Did you know that the failure of startups is around 90%? Don’t descend into a flat panic just yet — you and your small business can be part of the 10% of successful and thriving startups. 

9 Fruitful Tips for Startup Business Branding, Marketing, and Success

But how? 

There are some essential tips for startup business branding, success, and marketing that are often the difference between success and failure. For example, one of the biggest reasons for failure is a lack of market research and ineffective marketing. 

You won’t make those mistakes, will you? Well, certainly not with this guide to help you out. Keep reading for the best startup tips for success.

1. Define Your Brand’s Personality 

Your brand is the personality of the business — it is the heart and soul from which everything else will sprout. It will reflect in your logos, your brand colors, the tone of voice — everything.

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Clearly outline and define what influences your brand. Flesh out its characteristics and personality traits. 

And then head over to to splash that personality all over some merchandise to keep you motivated and inspired. 

2. Assess Your Brand from an Objective Perspective 

Your brand is your baby, and it’s easy to become blinded by love to the point where you’re unable to see the gaps for improvement, or constructively criticize it. 

You need to make an effort to perceive and criticize your brand objectively. Try to see it from an outsider’s perspective. Will they understand it? Will they need it? Will they recognize what makes it special?

If you are unable to view your brand objectively, find a support system that can do it for you, such as friends and family. 

3. Research Competitors and Differentiate 

To be a successful small business you need to understand your competitors very well. When you’re devising your brand strategy, it’s important that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

It’s common for businesses in the same industry to develop a common brand language that uses typical colors, imagery, and tones of voice. You want to avoid this, to stand out from the crowd. 

4. Research Your Target Market Thoroughly

How can you ensure that your marketing strategy is excellent if you don’t have a complete and detailed understanding of who you’re marketing to? 

So many small businesses make the mistake of not thoroughly researching their target market. They end up building products that no one needs and running marketing campaigns that their audience doesn’t relate to or respond to. 

Every new product and marketing campaign should be planned according to the audience, and nothing else. Define your target market and then get to know your audience very well. 

Then, customize your product, brand, and marketing to the needs and preferences of your target demographic. 

5. Have a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy 

Gone are the days where TV adverts and pamphlet hand-outs are the kings of marketing strategy. These days it’s all about digital marketing and your startup’s success depends on it. 

The internet is where consumers are doing all of their research and most of their purchasing. It’s where people hear about new brands, read reviews, connect with companies, and see adverts. 

You need to create an optimized, professional website. Make use of a blog, take advantage of SEO practices, and more. Become well-versed on the finer points of digital marketing and then use them to the fullest advantage. 

6. Create Memorable Marketing Messages 

You need to do something different — make your brand and business memorable. So, when you’re brainstorming a marketing strategy, think outside of the box.

What can you do to make sure that the customers who hear about you for the first time will never forget you? 

In a world of ad-blockers and subscriptions for ad-free channels, you need to be appealing. One way to do this is to jump on the latest social media trends. Speaking of…see below. 

7. Invest in Social Media 

Whether you love it or hate it, if you’re committed to developing a successful business then you best get well-acquainted with social media platforms. They are powerful and influential marketing platforms and selling channels. 

If you neglect social media marketing, you’ll lose out on a massive customer base — one that your competition is most definitely connect with.

Consumer purchases these days are heavily influenced by social media and you can’t afford to neglect it.  

8. Focus on Customer Experience With Feedback

One of the most important duties of a startup and the most important business advice you can heed is to ensure that you provide the best possible customer experience.

This is how you nurture relationships with your customer, build trust, create a good reputation and achieve long-term goals. It’s everything for a startup. 

Make customer support and experience a priority. Use direct feedback from your customers to constantly improve your service and your customer’s experience.

As a startup, you have the advantage of having a small customer base that you can focus on completely. 

9. Embrace Innovation 

Don’t fall into the trap that many start-ups find themselves in, stuck and drowning in the flight stage. Constantly innovate. And when you’re innovating, evolve your marketing and brand to match. 

Don’t get so married to your initial idea that you end up sinking with it. Use insights from your marketing to make changes. Be adaptable, fluid, and dynamic. 

Follow These Tips for Startup Business Success

Are you already incorporating some of these tips for startup business success into your strategy?

The most important advice to employ is to not be blinded by love and passion for your idea, to prioritize customer experience, and to master digital marketing. You can be a part of the 10% of success stories. 

Did you enjoy this article? Our site is chock-full of awesome content about marketing and businesses to keep you up-to-date and informed — keep exploring for more keys to success! 


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